AEW's Adam Cole Still Represents UpUpDownDown Everyday, But Is There A Da Party Reunion Coming?

Cole talks to GameSpot's wrestling podcast, Wrestle Buddies, about his love for UUDD.


While Adam Cole is known for his wrestling, he also spends a whole lot of time streaming video games online with his Twitch channel The Chugs. However, he was also known for his time on WWE's YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown as a member of Da Party and LeftRightLeftRight--two factions within a gaming channel. While Cole isn't with WWE anymore, he's still repping LRLR every day.

"LeftRightLeftRight is so great, I wear this bracelet every day," Cole told GameSpot's Wrestle Buddies podcast while holding up a bracelet with four letters on it: LRLR. "Everyday. I never take it off. Anytime you see this little pink bracelet on, it's LeftRightLeftRight."

As for the fact you can no longer buy the LeftRightLeftRight championship--but you can still pick up the UpUpDownDown title on the WWE Shop--Cole said he's going to have to make some phone calls in order to get that back up on site.

As for the video Da Party (Cole, Xavier Woods, Claudio Castagnoli FKA Cesaro, and Tyler Breeze) all posted on Twitter, Cole tip-toed around the reason that was posted. "As many people know, myself, Creed, Swiss, Breeze, [we're] very very good friends," Cole said. "And I often times, over the years, have continued to tweet about certain things we've done in the past, tweeting how much fun I had with Da Party. And I don't know, I just felt like showing Da Party a little love."

When pressed about everyone posting the video at the same time, Cole said, "We just know each other's brains. That's what friendship is. That's what real friendship is. The timing was impeccable."

At this time, we can only speculate that something is happening with Cole and Swiss making their return to UUDD in the near future. While Breeze no longer works for WWE, he came back to UUDD this past summer to continue the Battle of the Brands series, which sees he and Woods play WWE 2K22 My GM and is a fan-favorite of the channel.

For more Adam Cole, you can listen to the latest episode of Wrestle Buddies above, where Cole is a recurring guest/co-host. Outside of the UUDD talk, the guys talk about their favorite horror video games and favorite horror movies.

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