AEW's Adam Cole Declares Elden Ring The Greatest Game Of All Time

Cole may be known for his love of Halo, but Elden Ring is blowing him away.


While AEW wrestler Adam Cole is known outside of the ring as someone who loves video gaming--and he streams regularly on Twitch--has fallen ill to the same Elden Ring bug that's plaguing many these days, as it has taken over his life. And now, he's declaring it the best game to date as it lives in his head, rent free.

Appearing on GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast Wrestle Buddies, Cole had quite a bit to say about a variety of video games, but he found himself gravitating towards his current obsession, Elden Ring. And not only has it taken over his life, it's taken over his Twitch stream.

"Elden Ring came out, and I was like, 'Ok, I have to stream this the first day,'" Cole said. "I think I'm on Part 23 or Part 24 of Elden Ring [on his Twitch stream]--I cannot play anything else. It's one of those games where if I'm not playing Elden Ring, I'm thinking about Elden Ring. Last night, I went to bed, and I was just thinking about the fact that I hit this hidden wall, and there was this whole other world that I didn't even know existed. And how many different hidden walls are there? What kind of minibosses are going to be at this place? I do think, top to bottom, it might be the greatest video game ever made."

"The coolest thing too is that there have been friends of mine who maybe tried Dark Souls, and they weren't too into it, or they couldn't get past a certain part, so they just gave up. In Elden Ring, there's just so many places to go. Every person I've talked to has had a different experience, even in the first hour of the game."

As of this writing, Cole has put out 25 streams for Elden Ring, devoting hours upon hours to the game.

Additionally, on the Wrestle Buddies podcast, Cole also discussed the Halo TV show on Paramount+, which he said, "If you just appreciate it for what it is, you get to see these characters in a different light. I think it's a blast." The podcast episode also features Cole talking about playing horror games, VR, and diving into Cyberpunk when it first came out. You can hear the full episode up above.

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