Aerosmith lends its music to DOA3

Tecmo licenses three Aerosmith songs for inclusion in its upcoming Xbox fighting game.


Dead or Alive 3

Tecmo has officially announced that Columbia recording artist Aerosmith will provide songs for its upcoming Xbox-exclusive fighting game Dead or Alive 3. The company has licensed three Aerosmith songs--"Amazing," "Nine Lives," and "Home Tonight"--for inclusion in the game, which will feature Dolby Digital 5.1 audio output.

"Many of us, both young and old, have grown up listening to songs by Aerosmith, and it's an honor for us to feature their music in our biggest game of the year," said Isamu Fukada, president of Tecmo. "Aerosmith is one of the great American rock bands, and their popularity further adds to the mainstream appeal of DOA3. Also, gamers with a surround sound system will be able to fully enjoy the sounds and music of DOA3."

"We have very high expectations for this title," said J Allard, general manager for Microsoft's Xbox games division. "Dead or Alive 3 exercises the full power of Xbox, through the intense graphics and use of its Dolby Digital 5.1 audio capabilities, allowing Tecmo to follow Microsoft in the pursuit to provide gamers with the most powerful gaming experience ever. DOA3 is the total package. It has mind-blowing graphics, outstanding gameplay, and now, incredibly noteworthy music as well. This is one of the most talked-about titles for Xbox, and now Aerosmith's involvement adds even more to its uniqueness."

Dead or Alive 3 will be released alongside the launch of the Xbox console on November 15.

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