Aero the Acrobat flips into stores

The remake of the classic Genesis platforming game for the Game Boy Advance has been shipped to retail outlets.


Metro3D has announced that Aero the Acrobat for the Game Boy Advance, a platforming game from the 16-bit era, has been shipped to stores. Aero will be able to shoot out of a cannon, dive through hoops of fire, and hold on to speeding roller coasters as he attempts to save his circus from the evil Edgar Ektor. The Game Boy Advance version of Aero the Acrobat will feature updated animations and new features that earlier versions of the game did not have. Aero will be able to walk on tightropes, bounce on trampolines, bungee-jump, and do much more.

"This new installment of Aero the Acrobat preserves all of the best qualities and heritage of its original predecessors, while introducing new and enhanced game features, captivating animation and graphics, and challenging play to capture the best game experience available on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance," said David Siller, the creator of the franchise. "We're sure audiences will agree that this is Aero at his best."

Look for our full review of Aero the Acrobat, which is coming soon.

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