Aeon Flux slinking onto PS2, Xbox

Majesco announces Terminal Reality-developed game adaptation of cartoon-inspired sci-fi film; Charlize Theron to lend voice, face. First screens inside.


From 1992 to 1997, the innovative television show Liquid Television ran weekly on MTV. Besides introducing the world to Beavis and Butt-head, the animation compilation featured another recurring short, which spawned its own spin-off: Aeon Flux. High in style and low in dialogue (that is, none), animator Peter Chung’s series profiled a scantily clad assassin as she infiltrated a futuristic metropolis 400 years in the future.

In 2003, Karyn Kusama, director of the award-winning boxing drama Girlfight, signed on to helm a big-screen adaptation of Aeon Flux, to be financed by MTV films and Paramount Pictures, its sibling in the Viacom media empire. Soon after, recently minted Best Actress Oscar winner Charlize Theron signed on to play Ms. Flux and was soon joined by Frances McDormand, Trainspotting's Jonny Lee Miller, and Marton Csokas of The Bourne Supremacy and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The film is being produced by Gale Anne Hurd, producer of the Terminator films, among others.

Now, Aeon Flux is breaking into a new medium--games. Majesco has announced that it will publish a game based on the film for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. Terminal Reality, the Dallas-based developer of the BloodRayne series (also published by Majesco), will develop the third-person stealth action game. Aeon Flux is currently set for a fall 2005 release alongside its motion-picture counterpart.

While it will feature the likeness and voice of Theron (pictured), the Aeon Flux game "ties together" the series and the film, according to Majesco. In the film, the now much more clothed Flux is part of a rebellion against the world's last surviving city-state, Bregna. The rebellion's leader (McDormand), known only as "The Handler," dispatches Flux to infiltrate Bregna and eliminate its leader. However, during the course of her mission, she "uncovers a world of secrets," according to Paramount.

Majesco was less specific about the Aeon Flux game. “We are excited to be partnering with MTV and Terminal Reality on such an encompassing project as Aeon Flux,” said Majesco president Jesse Sutton. "By including the voice talent and likeness of Charlize Theron, we hope to provide consumers with a product that seamlessly fits within the world of Aeon Flux yet offers an interactive component that complements its entertainment counterparts."

GameSpot will have more details on Aeon Flux as they become available.

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