Advent Rising E3 2004 Preshow Impressions

E3 2004 marks the second Electronic Entertainment Expo appearance for GlyphX Games' Advent Rising.


E3 2004 marks the second Electronic Entertainment Expo appearance for GlyphX Games' Advent Rising, the upcoming PC and Xbox action game based on a script written by sci-fi author Orson Scott Card. In Advent Rising, humans are a race of legend, believed to be the key to bringing prosperity to the universe. However, a benevolent race known as The Seekers sees the humans as a threat and actively seeks out human colonies for destruction. In the game, you play as Gideon Wyeth, an inhabitant of the last remaining human outpost, who possesses dormant powers. The storyline will develop depending on certain choices you make within the game, and ultimately your decisions will determine how Advent Rising's plot will develop.

The game will allow you to switch between a third- and first-person viewpoint and will feature a versatile control scheme that allows for acrobatic movement and precise targeting of enemies while quickly switching between weapons and powers. As you play, you'll be able to develop your superhuman powers, including various types of energy blasts, levitation, and defense shields. The game will let you wield a wide arsenal of weapons, all with unique alternate fire abilities, as well as command multiple types of vehicles, including human and alien assault vehicles, hovertanks, and flying vehicles. Advent Rising is built upon the Unreal Warfare engine, integrated with the Karma physics engine, and the soundtrack will be provided by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Hollywood orchestral performers. Both the PC and Xbox versions of the game will also include downloadable levels after the game's release.

Currently, Advent Rising is scheduled to ship this September for both the PC and Xbox. We will have more coverage of Advent Rising from E3 2004.

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