Advanced Warfare Dev Wants Another World War II Call of Duty

"I think a next generation game with the latest production values and robustness in a World War II setting like Band of Brothers would be amazing," Michael Condrey says.

2008's Call of Duty: World at War
2008's Call of Duty: World at War

If you'd like to see a future Call of Duty game return to World War II, you're not alone. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey would also like to play a game set during that time period, he says in a new interview.

"I think a next generation game with the latest production values and robustness in a World War II setting like Band of Brothers would be amazing," he said in an interview with Metro.

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Though he's on-board with the concept, Condrey said returning to that era could be tricky, given the new movement abilities introduced to the series with Advanced Warfare's exosuit.

"Now, how would it play and how would the multiplayer work after the new movement set in Advanced Warfare? That's a tougher question than I've had to tackle yet," he explained.

The Call of Duty series is now on a three-year, three-studio development cycle, meaning there are (at least) two other Call of Duty games in development right now at Infinity Ward and Treyarch. The most recent Call of Duty game set entirely in World War II was 2008's Call of Duty: World at War.

Also in the interview, Condrey said part of what makes the Call of Duty franchise so popular and powerful is that its stories are often "ripped from the headlines." But one headline that Condrey said he wouldn't want to make a game out of is the current conversation around extremist group ISIS.

"I think the tragedies going on around the world in the areas of genocide and ISIS would be hard to make a game out of," he said. "But again, that's just my personal opinion. I wouldn't be confident making a game out of it."

Advanced Warfare is available today for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying.

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Yes yes yes! I hate this futuristic warfare, it's completely uninteresting and bordering on fantasy which wasn't how CoD started. I haven't even bothered with AW because it's Sci Fi rubbish (Sci Fi means fiction, and I like real), I borrowed ghosts and gave it back after two days with out completing it or even bothering with multi player. BOII I also ignored, only liked MW1 and 2 and BO liked not loved. It's about time we had a good, next gen WWII game. The war hasn't been covered in its entirety only the American parts, and they joined 2 and a half years into it. There's so many stories that haven't been told before the Americans. Not too mention fact that people are whining it has been done to death a) I'm 38 and have played many WWII games but still I'm not tired of them. B)There's a whole new gaming generation who haven't been there since the 90's early 00's who this would be fresh too. And basically as long as CoD goes down the made up, never to happen fictionalised garbage route ill not play it, I know many people who say the same. I'd accept a Vietnam or Korea game but no more scientifically impossible rubbish please. Stick to actual fact, or split it into CoD nonsense and CoD reality. Have two games that exist catering to people's tastes.

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naw Mike stic to da future bro??dat ship sail YEARS ago??now AssCreed is doin fine goin back in time but even sum players wud like to c a ModernDay game so Nice convo bout History but lets keep it where its at?In the Future BUT one way a WW2 game WUD work is Time travel??lets do a ModernDay den travel back to that time n back to the Future??Incorporate time travel or else Leave it where its at but shoutz 2 Mike n da Crew fa a AWESUM game Classic now lets c wat TreyArch find do

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Great, one of my favorite CODs is WAW.

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Here's an Idea.... WW2 tactial first person shooter, where you dont have to run and gun but more like rainbow six style. Slow, methodical paced with perhaps a 3rd person cover system like Brothers in Arms. Im tired of running, gunning rinse and repeat.

I want to think when it comes to sheit like this, so annoyed of pointless shooters

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If Treyarch makes it and as long as Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer aren't allowed to touch it it should be great.

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Like Band of Brothers?

Ya, it's called Brothers in Arms.

"I think the tragedies going on around the world in the areas of genocide and ISIS would be hard to make a game out of," he said. "But again, that's just my personal opinion. I wouldn't be confident making a game out of it."

Ya because WW2 didn't have that, amongst all both sides killing countless civilians. But since it's in the past, it's ok.

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WWII is a long time ago, veterans of that war are few and far between and certainly aren't going to be relieving memories through a game are they?

ISIS is current! That's the difference.

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i want to see Sgt. Roebuck shouting again..

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I would love another WW2 game after all that's where cod made its start, their few games was based in ww2 Call of duty, call of duty united offensive expansion pack, cod 2 and cod 3.

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- Call of duty 1, 2 , 3, and world at war are all in WWII era

- Modern warfare 1, 2, and 3 are at the modern time

- Black Ops II, Ghosts, and AW are futuristic (AW is insanely futuristic)

- Black Ops at cold-war era

The cold-war era was the best era in call of duty games in my opinion, and only one CoD was developed during it, I wish we see more cold-war CoDs in the future.

In my opinion the futuristic ones are the worst, especially Advanced warfare which does not belong to the CoD family that we love. I hope they will end this madness with the next game.

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I agree! I'm getting tired of this futuristic crap, It would also get rid of the generation of little kids complaining about themselves being bad and stuff. Bring on ww2!

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Battlefield. That is all.

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Why in the hell would you think that going back to world war 2 would be a good idea?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> why i won't be thinking to get more upcoming WW2 era settings from COD?

Avatar image for mjz_inter

<< LINK REMOVED >> because the future isn't nice

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No... They need to do a mw4 where ghost is alive. He never died.

Avatar image for Warfighter_971

<< LINK REMOVED >> ah!!! come on

Avatar image for quickshooterMk2

i agree, take us back to WW2

i miss the old cods...

Avatar image for Warfighter_971

<< LINK REMOVED >> and if they make a COD in a Old-School Setup, it'll be more fantastic.

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Yes Mr. Condrey, please take us back to WW2! We won't care that we can't jump around in an Exo suit!

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Meh.. taking BF back to WWII would be a way better experience then COD. Reason - vehicular warfare, bigger maps, more players, dedicated servers.

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YES YES YES!!!.......Please bring a realistic COD back. no more of this double jump, lasers,robot, 30 hit markers ... leave that crap with halo titanfall. imagine how badass World at war would look with next gen!!!!! Please make it happen!!

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WORLD WAR 2 YES! Call of duty World at War is still my favorite and I've been playing since 2. And don't change to much! On next generation I want to feel the gritty, heart rushing fear of being in a trench with explosions and bloody screams all around me! Can't wait!!!

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Also something that is in all these newer call of duties that I DO NOT LIKE AT ALL is how no matter where I am or whatever building there is like 5 ways someone can come and kill me. I want a two story building with 1 staircase and 1 window.

Also I hate how you cannot get places you can see, in W@W if I saw a crashed plane I could climb up on the wing. In new games if u see a car it won't even let me get ontop of it

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Why is he worried that multiplayer will be terrible compared to the twitch experience of AW? I think this kind of gaming doesn't belong in the COD universe. I prefer a larger area to play in, the ability to appreciate what a scope is and a measured approach to an objective which gives the game an atmosphere of tension and awareness that this, frankly godawful, new wave of shooters has brought to the table. Okay, maybe god awful is a bit above the belt and these games have their place in gaming but COD needs to take a big step back to it's roots and realise that they are going to alienate their original demographic if they aren't careful. I couldn't agree more with a return to the world of warfare as it really was rather than what it might be in the future or in a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

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Developers get on these trends and then they're afraid to stray away from it. World War II games are great for their simplicity and old fashioned bad ass feel. They don't need robot suits and titanfall movement. If this is the question on the guy's mind, I don't want to see him heading the development of a world war II video game. It won't do the era justice

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Whatever they decide to do, I just hope they ditch all the future stuff. Advanced warfare isn't horrible, certainly better than ghosts, but it just has that titanfall feel to it. I wouldn't mind going back to ww2, but please leave the future stuff out of CoD.

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Remake or expansion of the story line in the first Call of Duty. The one where you storm the beeches. At the time, it was one of the most immersive and memorable gaming experiences. Would be great (next gen quality) to be able to experience that through coop play. Co-op campaign gaming is the future. CoD AW is an outstanding game, probably the best one made in my honest opinion. Great story, game play, graphics, sounds, and it's heck of a lot of fun. What would be interesting if the next CoD continues that story line, but Atlas tech advances so far as to create or find a sort of, star gate. You find yourself during the beginnings of the Civil War or industrial age.

If it is set during the time frame of WW2, would like to see and experience some of the mysterious events that happened such as the Philadelphia experiment (lost ship in which occupants were reported to be "melded" into the steel frame of the ship as shifted time and space. Horrific is an understatement. Or, the lost fleet of planes which flew over the Bermuda Triangle. Where are they? Maybe it was Atlas all along experimenting with time travel..

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Is this a joke? You must be joking. This entire post is ridiculous.

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As long as it involves Germans....and as long as PS3 and Xbox 360 get one as well...and please for the sake of sales give us a long campaign that could take seven to ten hours to complete (on NORMAL difficulty!)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> NO, no Germans. I'm tired of the European Theater. There has never been a good Pacific Theater WW2 game, and we are overdue for one. They need to make it happen.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> no way cut the cord on Last Gen now is the Era for PS4/XB1

Avatar image for mikees1

You're funny,you don't seem to realise that at present there are more last gen owners than next gen lol.

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W@W is still the best COD duty. Make a game like it, with a less linear campaign, with open levels where you can open/close doors, shoot out lights, and tackle objectives on your own without the game holding your hand, and it will be a cod masterpiece.

It doesn't have to be WW2. A 90's or even 80's setting would be really cool, and much more interesting than modern/advanced warfare. Just keep the Gore and blood, and leave x hitmarkers out of the campaign(blood is hitmarker enough). All war games should be gorey to show war is horror, not an arcade game.

Avatar image for ddiaz82

You hit the nail on the head, brother

Avatar image for HippyTrippy

Im all for the historic vibey return to ww2 era video games, but they better fu*kin' not even think about touching ISIS. How the hell could you possibly make entertainment out of that?

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Yes! Simplify the COD series, please! There's too much crap and technology going on. I don't even want to see a tommy gun with a scope on it with too many dumb perks. Focus on physics and graphics not stupid unlocks. I'm so sick of being a seasoned spec ops guy running down a hallway with one teammate. Make it like COD 1. I want to be a drafted normal guy who has to learn to become a soldier who fights alongside hundreds of others in more open areas. Cod used to be like band of brothers now it's like a Michael bay movie.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

Cool, Sledgehammer has shown what they can do. Wouldn't mind them making a WWII cod with a good story.

Treyarch would be a great fit too. But please keep those Infinity Hacks away from the series.

Avatar image for abhisheknerdy20

please make it happen whatever you guys are planning for

Avatar image for advocacy

As long as you bring innovative gameplay to it, a World War II game would be a nice change of pace. Think James Bond GoldenEye meets the beaches of Normandy.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

<< LINK REMOVED >> if the modern COD campaigns were like goldeneye and perfect dark's epic campaigns, with open levels, objectives you could tackle on your own without following an arrow, open-able/close-able doors, alarms you can trip, environments you can interact with, etc., then COD would be much greater than it is. Just imagine Goldeneye Reloaded with the gore engine of CODW@W, haha COD would be obsolete!

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The part I love about WWII games is the diverse theaters of war .. from Africa, Europe, Russia, the Eastern front. I also enjoyed the single shot rifles and simpler weapons which seemed to enhance the gameplay for me. You have to use the map and strategy more. All this jumping around and gadgetry in the newer gen games have completely turned me off.

Avatar image for Kevlar101

<< LINK REMOVED >> You completely forgot the Pacific Theater. That is what I want to see...

Avatar image for WolfensteinAR

Double post, delete.

Avatar image for WolfensteinAR

MOHAA with the Advanced Warfare engine will be manaa from heaven.

Avatar image for bigruss730

I have fond memories of medal of Honour games from the days of PS1/2

Avatar image for deactivated-57f4a4251dfe9

<< LINK REMOVED >> Meeee toooo. MoH and the first COD in Stalingrad were my favorite. The single shot rifle and sniper battles online were so tense. I miss that in the newer gen games.

Avatar image for rlakhani

Seems like they really don't want to kill this series for good. I believe after 6 or 7 WWII games, they'll start making modern/advanced/nuclear warfares (based on contemporary world events) all the way from scratch.