Advance Wars-Style Game From Starbound Dev Shown Off in New Screenshot

With no new Advance Wars on the horizon, this may be the next best thing.


Starbound developer Chucklefish Games has again shown off a game it's discussed previously but still not officially announced. The untitled project has been described by Chucklefish CEO and designer Finn Brice as "Advance Wars meets Fire Emblem."

That's immediately a very tantalizing prospect, as Intelligent Systems--developer of both the Advance Wars and Fire Emblem series--has done little with the former in recent years. Brice first shared an early image and described the project as one the studio was "considering" last August. Four months later, it appears to still be moving ahead.

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Brice today tweeted (via PC Gamer), "Chucklefish is working on two new games and will continue to support Starbound. Details on the next big Starbound patch not far away." This came shortly after he sent out a tweet that reads, "Chucklefish back to work!" along with the screenshot of the new game above.

This followed a short video from last month that showed a level being designed and units moving around a map. The similarities to Advance Wars are obvious.

Without any official announcement, we don't yet know when we might be able to get our hands on this. When he tweeted about it in August, Brice said it was intended for release on PC and would feature online multiplayer. We'll report back as more about the game is shared.

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I loved Advanced Wars but I don't think I'll live long enough for Chucklefish to finish development on another game.

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awesome. loved advance wars dual strike on the ds... sunk a LOT of time into it as it was quite a challenge in the later missions. trying to replicate such magic won't be easy but this developer might pull it off!

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Nice, sign me up! Stardew Valley was an awesome take on Harvest Moon, so I can't wait to see Chucklefish's take on this genre.

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@csward: Chucklefish published Stardew but didn't develop it. The only game Chucklefish has developed is Starbound.

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@csward: give credit to Eric Barone, because he was the one guy that made Stardew Valley alone, and I believe in contracted the music out. Chucklefish helped promote and port the game (didn't even improve the controls) onto consoles.

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Yes please if they port it to a handheld as well!

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I absolutely LOVE Advance Wars, so this is pretty cool to see.

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id love to see a non handheld exclusive for a change

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I like this article. More like these, less about non-gaming stuff.

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Nintendo is an outdated company, they chose the old fashion way of running the business in the fastest moving technology industry. Gaming pushes technology forward faster than many industry and Nintendo has been left behind by all the new way of making games, delivering them, and how to sell them.

They got so many game IPs that they can easily outsource game building to many studios that can come up with quick game builds. They also refuse to license any modern game engines that can make any of their games more modern. You look look Mariokart 8, the game sure is fun but the 3D engine they use is so outdated compared to today's standards.

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@vision33r: They need to start making more consumer friendly options like that little $20 brand and digital sales. I had a 3ds for a long time with only fire emblem until I was able to get phoenix wright trilogy and ocarina of time to play for the first time since they were reasonably priced at $15. The other thing they need to do is make their entire internet integration streamlined. I was thinking about getting a new 3ds to play xenosaga but I was told game purchases are tied to the console itself instead of account...

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Heck yeah I love these types of games........ I miss Shining Force

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Nintendo refuses to make a proper AW or FE so anything like that is welcome

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@sladakrobot: FE: Awakening was great.

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It's up to indies to do what Nintendon't because Nintendo is too busy making games people DON'T want like Federation Force.

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@catsimboy: Ohh, Nintendo. The best backlog of games in all of mankind but no idea what to do with them.

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@camlambelot: Animal Crossing on Wii U? A new console Animal Crossing? Nope it's just the most boring party game in the world that exists only to drive Amiibo sales.

A new Star Fox? What new adventures will we see? Oh it's pretty much the same story but with bad controls.

A new Paper Mario? Will the series finally return to form and give us a fun RPG with quirky new characters in a strange new world? Nope, just more Sticker Star but with a stupid paint bucket and Toads everywhere.

Oh they have ideas of what to do with their games, unfortunately they're just bad ideas.

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@catsimboy: Speaking of, I would love a new Rising Sun.

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I love Advance Wars, I'll keep an eye on this.

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LOL... This is exactly what I've been working on too.

Regardless, new Advance Wars "fast 4x-lite" titles are always a blast.