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Advance Wars 2 details

Nintendo releases the first gameplay information on its turn-based strategy sequel for the GBA. New screen inside.


Nintendo has today updated its official E3 Web site with information on Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, the sequel to its popular turn-based strategy game Advance Wars, which was released back in September 2001. Players will once again assume the role of Andy, a military advisor in the Orange Star army, who, this time around, must do battle against the evil Sturm's Black Hole army as it attempts to drain the resources of every country in Cosmo Land. Andy will be aided by a number of brand-new commanding officers as well as all eight of the COs from the original game, all boasting new and improved CO powers, such as the typhoon, which rains destruction on enemies and brings them to a standstill.

New units in the game will include the massive four-legged neotank, and as in the original game, the hundreds of battlefields available for both single- and multiplayer games will be complemented by a map designer. We'll bring you more information on Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising when we report live from E3 in LA next month.

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