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Adidas Reveals New Simpsons Collaboration With New El Barto Shoe

Bart Simpson's nom de l'artiste will be the latest concept shoe from Adidas.


The Simpsons have been going strong for 30 plus years now, with no signs of slowing down. The initial Simpsons-mania of the early '90s gave way to a plethora of merchandise, and now the funny family has paired up with Adidas once more with the release of the El Barto shoe.

The Adidas collab has Bart Simpson, ever the troublemaker, graffitiing "El Barto" in black across the sneaker's white surface. The alias was first mentioned all the way back in the first season in the episode, Homer's Odyssey. Throughout the show, El Barto's identity was mostly a secret among the city folk of Springfield, with Bart eventually revealing he was the mysterious paint-slinger in Season 18.

This latest collaboration is one of many products to come out of Adidas' long-running partnership with the iconic show. They've released a Squishee Hoodie, the green Superstar Squishee shoes, and the ZX 1000 Flaming Moe Shoes. Of course, if you're simply into Simpsons sneakers, there's always the Duff Beer-inspired low tops and the Krusty Burger sneakers--which now go for $200 plus on the secondary market.

You can purchase The Simpsons x Adidas Advantage El Barto on the Adidas website right now for $65, with sizes ranging from 7 to 13 with half sizes available.

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