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Add Pathfinder And Talisman To Your Virtual Tabletop Library With These Humble Bundle Deals

Both bundles include dozens of digital supplements to expand your online game nights.


It's easier than ever to play tabletop games over the internet these days. Not only are there numerous online platforms that let you plan, organize, and host virtual game nights, but there are also numerous digital versions of popular board games and tabletop games available on Steam--and right now, you can add two of the biggest fantasy tabletop games to your virtual collection with Humble's new bundle deals for Pathfinder 2E and Talisman.

Pathfinder 2E
Pathfinder 2E

The first of these limited-time deals is the Pathfinder's Finest 2E Fantasy Grounds Experience Bundle. The full $30 bundle includes a lifetime license for the Fantasy Grounds Unity virtual tabletop engine plus a three-month trial to the Fantasy Ground Unity Ultimate subscription, which lets you host games for users who don't own the software. Along with the software, you also get virtual copies of dozens of Pathfinder 2E rulebooks and adventure modules and even a few game maps you can use for your digital sessions. That's a whopping $737 value for just $30. All of the materials included in the bundle are compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity.

If you don't want the full bundle, there are smaller options available that cost less. The $10 bundle includes the digital Pathfinder 2E beginner box, two adventure modules, and three maps. The $20 tier adds 11 more books and maps, including the Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook. Both of these cheaper options also include the Fantasy Ground Unity Ultimate three-month trial (the standard license is only included in the $30 bundle).

The Pathfinder's Finest 2E Fantasy Grounds Experience Bundle is available until June 17.

Talisman: Digital Edition
Talisman: Digital Edition

Humble's other digital tabletop bundle is for the Steam versions of the popular board game Talisman. While the Taliman: Digital Edition base game is free to download on Steam, you can grab 49 add-on packs for just $10 with the Talisman: The Complete Collection Returns bundle from Humble. Along with the digital edition content, the pack also includes the Talisman: Origins standalone game, which offers revised rules and single-player campaigns, plus three Talisman: Origins DLC packs that add even more storylines to follow. The entire bundle adds up to a $162 value for just $10. It's available until June 7.

It's worth noting that Talisman: Digital Edition and Talisman: Origins are based on the fourth edition of the board game, but a new fifth edition is on the way later this year from the Hasbro-owned Avalon Hill. The new version will feature all-new art and revised rules. You can preorder Talisman fifth edition for $60 at Amazon. A digital version of Talisman fifth edition was also announced during the Warhammer Skulls 2024 livestream on May 23, though no release date was confirmed.

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