Add 500GB To Your PS5 For Only $73 With This Black Friday Deal

Stay in the game with this Black Friday deal on a PS5-ready SSD.


Between games that demand a sizable chunk of storage space, 4K video captures, and constant updates, it's easy to run out of space on a PS5. The good news is that increasing your storage capacity is relatively simple and affordable, thanks to this Black Friday deal on an SSD from Crucial, which is just $73 at Amazon.

This little NVMe drive can add an extra 500GB of space to your PS5, and it has read/write performance of up to 6,600MB per second. If you'd like some beefier capacity options, the 1TB model will set you back $94 and the 2TB version is $200. Keep in mind that you'll need to also buy a heatsink to use this on PS5, but you can get one for very cheap at Amazon.

The Crucial P5 Plus also includes advanced features like full hardware-based encryption, dynamic write acceleration, and adaptive thermal protection to keep your data safe; so, if you're planning to slot it into your PC, it'll be reliable hardware for intensive workloads, high-quality creative content, and intensive gaming.

Adding new internal storage for PS5 is officially supported by Sony, so slotting one of these into your console won't void your warranty. For more, check out GameSpot's official guide on how to install a new SSD into your PS5. And for more PlayStation bargains, you can check out the big discounts on DualSense controllers and GameSpot's roundup of the best PlayStation Black Friday deals.

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