Adam Sandler Was Most-Searched Person Of 2020 On Roku

Roku also announces it exceeded 50 million active users for the first time.


Roku, the company that makes hardware devices that connect you to streaming platforms, had a very big year in 2020, and Adam Sandler was also a highlight. The company has announced that it crossed a major milestone recently by reaching more than 50 million active accounts.

Based on preliminary data for the fourth quarter of 2020, Roku had 51.2 million active accounts, which is up by 14 million during the year. For the fourth quarter alone, people collectively spent around 17 billion streaming hours using Roku, and 58.7 billion hours for the entirety of 2020. These numbers represent an increase of more than 55% compared to last year.

Roku had a banner year no doubt due to the wider uptick in streaming due to COVID-19 and how people are spending more time at home. Roku also cited its own 2020 "cord cutting study" that showed that about 1/3 of all US homes have opted out of a traditional pay TV subscription in favor of a streaming service.

Roku also shared some additional statistics and insight for 2020, revealing the top searches of the year for each month, and these included movies like Joker, Frozen II, and Hocus Pocus. Additionally, Roku said Adam Sandler was the most searched-for person on Roku for the entirety of 2020. That is not much of a surprise, as Sandler's movies are ridiculously popular on Netflix.

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Roku Top Searches Of 2020

  • January - Joker
  • February - Frozen II
  • March - Contagion
  • April - Trolls: World Tour
  • May - Scoob!
  • June - Yellowstone
  • July - Yellowstone
  • August - Yellowstone
  • September - Yellowstone
  • October - Hocus Pocus
  • November - Elf
  • December - Elf

For more on Roku, please read our very important feature, "So, I Have Some Good News And Bad News About Roku's HBO Button."

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Guy has like 5 good movies and 3 great ones. And all of them came out a long time ago.

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cool, but adam sandler is funny.

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