Ad Infinitum Delayed To September, New Gameplay Trailer Shows More Psychological Horror

You'll have to wait a few months longer to experience the psychological terror of Hekate's Ad Infinitum.


Upcoming psychological-horror game Ad Infinitum has been delayed to September 2023 for PC and console, shifting from its initial plan to launch in April.

"To create the best possible experience for you, we have to ask you for a little bit more patience," art director Thomas Lenz explained in the new gameplay trailer that was revealed during the Nacon Connect event. "We would never be content to release this game, that is so dear to us, in a state we deem not polished enough."

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Ad Infinitum is set during World War 1 and follows a German soldier as he finds himself caught between the boundaries of nightmares and reality. Cue some very disturbing monsters, death traps, and dark mysteries as you fight your way through locations inhabited by sinister forces. One reality is set in a Berlin mansion and is haunted by echoes of the past, while the other dimension is a nightmarish recreation of the Great War filled with gruesome sights.

"In our game, you'll have to solve intricate enigmas that challenge your troubled mind. A mind so distorted that it is losing its grip on reality," Hekate studio's Lukas Deuschel explained in the new gameplay video. "Now it is up to you--the player--to figure out what is real and what might be manifestations of a never-ending nightmare. While encountering various manifested horrors throughout the game, you are bound to uncover the truth. A truth so disturbing, that we ask you, can you handle it?"

The 2023 Nacon Connect event had several other games to show off, including a first look at the gameplay of Robocop: Rogue City and a new trailer for Lord of the Rings: Gollum, in which the corrupted Hobbit encounters familiar faces from J.R.R Tolkien's books.

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