Activision's James Bond games disappear from Steam and Xbox 360

PC versions of Activision's James Bond games have been removed from digital sale on Steam, Xbox 360 Games on Demand and Activision's own web store.


Activision's suite of James Bond games have all disappeared from Steam, Xbox 360 and Activision's own digital store. Spotted by, 007 Legends and James Bond 007: Blood Stone, from now-defunct studios Eurocom and Bizarre Creations, and the Treyarch-helmed Quantum of Solace are no longer available to purchase from Steam.

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There are no results in Activision's own store, either. On the consoles, the Xbox 360 Games on Demand version of GoldenEye 007: Reloaded has also been pulled. The game is still available to buy on the PlayStation 3, but it is not clear if the game will remain listed on the PlayStation Store when the marketplace is refreshed this week.

One reason for games being pulled from digital sale can be down to licensing agreements expiring, as happened with GTA: Vice City on Steam recently. Activision obtained the gaming rights to the then-lucrative Bond license from EA in 2006, in a deal with MGM and EON that was scheduled to last until 2014. It is possible that Activision has pulled the plug on this arrangement.

The last Bond game, Eurocom's 007 Legends, was derided by critics and failed to make an impact on the sales charts, despite being timed to coincide with the release of uber-blockbuster Skyfall. The studio's previous game, the lukewarm 2010 remake of the classic GoldenEye 007, also failed to capture hearts and wallets and the Derby-based studio was closed at the end of 2012.

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Avatar image for Scarshi

Remember when you had discs of everything on your shelf? Didn't matter if the game sucked or not or even if the developer or publisher went bust. It was there to play whenever you wanted, or not.

Ah the digital age like a bully holding your possession just out of reach. Here you go ... oops ... here you go ... oops ... hehe.

Avatar image for amdreallyfast

@Scarshi That's why I still by physical copies when I can :)

Avatar image for Scarshi

@amdreallyfast @Scarshi I used to enjoy buying a fresh, new game disc. But unfortunately the retail and shipping costs outweigh the need for them. I still backup my downloads though which is kinda the same. :)

People rely on the "cloud" too much.

Avatar image for NightLord47

"Bond games"? Daniel Craig is the model in these so they are not bond games at all.

Avatar image for guarneri_gesu

They wasted every chance they had to release a good game. Activision just wasn´t serious to make bond games, until now they just have only delivered poor games expecting to have sales by putting the 007 logo on them.

Avatar image for chitosan87

I don't know whether a good or a bad news for this one. But I thought, it's time ... yeah, it is the time for Activision to let go the Bond's game franchise.

I mean, we are in the Gaming Era of PS3 and PC (Sorry Xbox). Mostly Bond's games were dull, boring & predictable. It went out on PS3, but somehow I'm feeling that this is a game for Xbox (w/out 360). Graphics were so-so. Gameplay... None of any significant changes. Story... We are just playing the movie.

Why don't Bethesda or those Japan's companies take the Bond franchise? It'd be strange at first, I bet. But, they produced Games with Quality. :P

Avatar image for IPHANTOMI23

Buy buy buy!!! The games are going away forever!!!! Therefore I need to pollute the world by buying more crap on disc!!! Yet I won't play the sorry game in the first place!!! Buy buy buy!!!

Avatar image for ferrarimanf355

Guys, the real news is that Blur was pulled from Steam. :-(

Avatar image for Raxyman

@ferrarimanf355 Blur only had an absurd steep dificulty that pretty much made it's downfall.

Avatar image for theKSMM

@ferrarimanf355 It looks like it's not available for purchase right now, but it does still show up in the libraries of those who purchased it before it was pulled.

Avatar image for Markey83

This sucks...I wish that I had went ahead and got Goldeneye 007 Reloaded on Games on Demand when I was able to. I guess I will get it on the disc.

Avatar image for sun_spirit

They clearly got pulled because of the fan's outrage to the last game; Legends. Which was just another lazy-ass cash-in with lame-ass Daniel Craig as the start, again. It was the final straw in a growing list of horrible Bond titles. So, maybe this is finally the end?

Avatar image for Xero1246

@sun_spirit true true

Avatar image for DrKill09

They were probably awful anyway. Goldeneye is the only one I ever heard anything good about.

Avatar image for Bhemont

@DrKill09 Games copying movies are always mediocre at best. Goldeneye was an exception. I usually stay away from these titles.

Avatar image for Zombie8814

If someone already purchased these games, but their hard-drive dies, can they re-download the games, or are they screwed?

I've spent a lot of money on digital downloads, I would like to be able to download them again if something happens to my hard-drive.

Avatar image for Henninger

@Zombie8814 When you get it replaced, sign into your account, & go to account management & then go to download history. It might take awhile to get everything u want back but its all there. You'll also have every demo & video you ever downloaded so be patient with it. I've had to reformat my hard drive so i know it sucks.

Avatar image for deathblow3

@Henninger @Zombie8814

not true as this happened to me and if the game is no longer available you it wont appear on your games list to download again i have 2 games like that forcing me to keep my old harddrive

Avatar image for senseless_dj

Damn. Now all we need is all the publishers opening their own store. Then we all have to create all these accounts scattered around just to get games.

Avatar image for senseless_dj

..Talk about making life easy.

Avatar image for holyfs

hamph ..........why should we care james bond games were bad anyway

Avatar image for TWiSTEDmerc

@holyfs Except for one and don't you forget it.

Avatar image for Jedilink109

Well I've already got Bloodstone and beat it anyway so it's not too big a deal at this point. I might replay it again someday, but I just have too many games to get through as it is.

Avatar image for cube-gage

Ive played: PS1: Tomorow never dies, The world is not enough, 007 Racing, N64:goldeneye, the world is not enough PS2/GC: agent under fire, nightfire, everything or nothing, 360/PS3: Quantum of Solace, Bloodstone. I had a little go of Wii goldeneye and its seemed ok, I just hate motion controls. And let me tell you, all of these games were good fun, some better than others, but none of them were awful. The idea the n64 goldneye is the only good 007 game is pure nonsense. I hope to try legends, from russia with love and the other incarnations of goldeneye at some point.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

@cube-gage the other 007 games were good, but they were not SUPERB like Goldneye on the N64. To this day, goldeneye n64 has a feel like no other FPS out there. Everything from how the bullets thud into your enemies chests painting them red, the grunts and screams of your enemies, to the sweet music and sound effects, secret areas, tons of unlockables, to the addictive and open ended objective based level designs. Goldeneye N64 is a masterpiece FPS that no game has come close to yet.

Avatar image for colbster

@Dredcrumb9 @cube-gage true. Goldeneye on n64 was almost unique in the way that the bad guys reacted to pain! I loved how you could slow them down with a single shot while you dealt with other foes.

Avatar image for Battlemed

this is actually good news!

Avatar image for proletaryus

No one commented that this is "why I do not buy digital copies of games" ?

Avatar image for Evilbunz

@proletaryus they are gone off the store meaning you can't buy them.... if you already own them you can download them. At least for steam.

Avatar image for DarkNeoBahamut

@Evilbunz @proletaryus It's the same on PSN, once you buy it, it stays on your download list forever and you can download it until the end of times. I guess it's the same on Xlive.

Avatar image for Anamon

@DarkNeoBahamut That's really a courtesy though, their terms make it pretty clear that they can take the game out of your library if they want to. Or, more likely, if they *had* to, e.g. for legal reasons. What I'm saying is, don't count on "forever".

Avatar image for ELEMENTZERO707

Blood:stone is an amazing 3d person action/shooter... made me so sad when they closed bizzzar after such a damn good game, Not to mention Golden eye for the wii is an awesome stealthy fps. An quantom for the ps2 is also a fun stealthy 3ds shooter. but sadly quantom for ps360 cod clone, and legends was massivley unspired regarding the gameplay department

Avatar image for jorge69696

Oh well...

*keeps playing The Witcher 2 at max settings in 1080p"

Avatar image for ESPM400

And not a shit was given...

Avatar image for Slade968

What a terrible loss....

Avatar image for Kemutsemu

Licensed cash-grabs killing developers and upsetting the big wigs behind the successful portions of the franchise! Who'd've thunk it!

Avatar image for IAMTYLERDURDEN

Ok soooo, what's the problem?

Avatar image for squidracerX

Oh no I wanted to buy all of those games... Oh no, wait, i didn't, who cares?

Avatar image for Sheik2

Well, they have what they deserved for making simple clones of COD. They should let other companies to start making 007 games.

Avatar image for ps2fatboy

ea did a good job with the bond games ,i didnt mind quantum of solace or bloodstone but i feel the games need serious updating thats why i think 007 legends failed ,u cant just rely on nostalgia fantics to pick up the game it has to appeal to everyone

Avatar image for doolindesperado

@ps2fatboy I thought the Bond games suceeded more when they were based on orginal stories. As for Legends, I agree with you and with Goldeneye, relying on nostalgia to drive sales. I hope the next publisher who gets the license treats it well. 007 deserves a triple a outing, like his movies.

Avatar image for Slade968

@doolindesperado @ps2fatboy Most movie based games rely on nostalgia/fanatics/movie hype for sales and they are almost all terrible. I'm trying to think of one that was half decent in the last 10 years. Any takers?

Avatar image for Slade968

@ELEMENTZERO707 @doolindesperado @ps2fatboy I think you give the developers too much credit. They don't run out of time trying to make it good, they just do a mediocre job and stick something half-ass on the shelf so they can use the movie hype to sell it. Easy money.

I said last 10 years. and of that entire list, I'd say the only good ones are the batman arkham games and clone wars which aren't really movie based games at all...

The spiderman games? Really? The only thing on that list I could really agree on that fits the criteria of a movie based game is Lord of the rings: the two towers. which came out in 02. So we'll have to stretch it a bit to 11 years.

Avatar image for ELEMENTZERO707

@Slade968 @doolindesperado @ps2fatboy Based on a movie/book IP does not make for a bad game, rushed to coincide withi a movie date release is the reason alot of tie-in games suck, because they tired to tie it into a movie without proper time to make it right.

Thats why msot of the EA bond games were good, and bloodstone an golden eye wii, no movie tie ins. or riddick butcher bay, all the spider man games , the batman arkham games, all those lord of the ring's games are rather snazzy too. not to mention star wars, the snes games were good tie-ins, as was the clone wars, but revenge of the sith sucked....(decently) and the plethora of every other great star wars game on last gen hardware.

Avatar image for Slade968

@doolindesperado @ps2fatboy Just thought of one. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. That was an excellent game only loosely based on the movie, and it game out 9 years ago...

Avatar image for lyncer777


Avatar image for BurningChrome

The best Bond games didn't even have James Bond in them! Lol!

Avatar image for martingaston

@BurningChrome Oh man, No One Lives Forever is one of my favourite games of all time! "Please be full of hay!"

Avatar image for BenderUnit22

@BurningChrome They're more like Austin Powers games without Austin Powers though.

Avatar image for spacecowbeefeat

I liked Quantum of Solace goldeneye 007 for the n64 and goldeneye 007 for the wii and thats about it.