Activision waging Quake Wars on 360, PS3

Id-inspired team-based shooter now coming to next-gen consoles; Nerve Software, Z-Axis taking on porting duties.


This morning, PC gamers woke up to learn that another of their prized exclusives is being ported to next-generation consoles. Activision and id Software have announced that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is now in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. No release date or rating was included in the announcement.

The original Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was honored as the Best Shooter of E3 2006 by GameSpot. It is being developed by Splash Damage under the supervision of id Software and is tentatively set to ship sometime during the second quarter of the year. Nerve Software, which developed the Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil expansion pack for Xbox and PC, will handle the 360 version under id's guidance. The PlayStation 3 edition is being ported by Z-Axis, which developed last year's critically drubbed X-Men: The Official Game, under similar supervision.

Though some PC devotees will undoubtedly see the console ports as heresy, Splash Damage creative director Paul "Loki" Wedgwood thinks they're a good thing. "I think given that lots of people play shooters on consoles anyway, and they're quite happy with the control schemes," he told GameSpot. "If we're able to improve that further, that's an added benefit...[because] it would just be a shame for all of those console players to not get a chance to play because they don't have a PC."

As the name implies, Quake Wars shares the setting of id's Quake series. It sees humanity locked in an interplanetary life-or-death struggle with the Strogg, a Frankenstein-ish race of zombie-like cyborgs. Its emphasis is on online multiplayer action that pits teams of players against each other in Battlefield-esque conflicts. For more on the game, consult GameSpot's previous coverage of the PC Quake Wars.

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