Activision to make Monster Jam

Publisher signs an exclusive multiyear agreement for the rights to the games for the series featuring larger-than-life lorries.


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Santa Monica, California-based publisher Activision has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and distribute Monster Jam games. Monster trucks will soon be skidding onto "all platforms," with a first game coming for "this holiday," said a statement from the publisher.

The Monster Jam US live event series features huge trucks--including the Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, El Toro Loco, and Monster Mutt--in racing and freestyle competitions. Live Nation (Motor Sports) president Charlie Mancuso promised a "game which will also appeal to gamers by going above and way beyond anything we could do at the live events; it will have it all."

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Sounds cool. I was super excited when I got my first monster jam game, because I'd been looking for a long time. We got the cover signed by a bunch of the guys who came to Canada. Oh and the first monster truck game I played was Thunder truck ralley but I never owned it, just rented it. Back in the days when I didn't think about saying "I lost it. Here's the money for it." Haha.

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Any idea how to change controls?? Wood like to use me joysyck....?

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man, monster jam, i havent even heard about this crap

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I am going to have to agree with icytower38, They need to make the game as close as possible to the real thing, not having power ups, I would like the game to have it where you go to Las Vegas and win a world title in freestyle or racing. Just please Activison make a relistic monster jam game.

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I'm looking forward to this. I was just at the Monster Jam world finals in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. They had an Activision guy there talking about the game. And advertisements for the game. Should be really cool.

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Hopefully this thing will actually be realistic.... not driving through the grand canyon shooting down the other trucks with crappy made up weapons. I want it to be just like going to a live show that I drive in.

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It's about time somebody catered to the redneck gamer. This should be decent.

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This might be fun... or horrible.

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Yes, I love monster trucks, and I can't wait to drive some of them. I only wonder if they have classic monster trucks also. I just loved Monster Patrol.

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This might be fun

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CAROLINA CRUSHER !!!!! !! and of course the truck very near and dear to my heart BIG FOOT !

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It'll be Monster Jamtastic

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Monster Jam as a video game? This will end up dreadful. It just doesn't work as a game idea too well.

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Daffy101 really dont know what monster jam is?

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kicking222 is win.

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nice i cant wait.. GRAVE DIGGER!!!!!!!!!

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This is not that interesting IMO, I'll pass on this game and it doesn't really effect me in any way that Monster Jam has been bought.

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I've been waiting for a real Monster Jam game for years. Previous games have been good, I just hope this one really captures the feal and keeps it legit instead of extra crap like other ones. So in other words give me racing, freestyle and keep powerups and destroying the other trucks to a minimum please Actvision. As long as this game does not look like 100% BS I'll be picking it up very close to release date as I'm a HUGE Monster Jam fan! (Grave Digger, Bounty Hunter & Monster Mutt) EDIT: Oh GS come on give create the game page and give us a link please.

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Oh man, right after I figure out how to finally beat "Big Rigs: OtRR", I'm going to pick this bad boy up.

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Sounds interesting.