Activision snags The Weakest Link

The California-based publisher signs a deal to publish games based on the popular British TV game show.


The Weakest Link

Activision has signed a deal with BBC Multimedia to publish games based on the popular television game show The Weakest Link. The deal gives Activision worldwide rights to develop, publish, and distribute interactive games for the PC and console platforms. The company plans to release the games to coincide with the TV show's sale to other countries.

The Weakest Link is currently one of the top-rated television shows in the UK, and NBC recently brought the show to the US. In the show, contestants work together to acquire a pool of money during each round. Once the round is completed, each contestant must vote another team member out of the competition, until only one contestant remains.

Activision plans to release the first games on the PC, the Sony PlayStation 2, and the Sony PlayStation later this year. The agreement also gives Activision rights to produce games for the Microsoft Xbox, the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo GameCube, the Nintendo Game Boy Color, and the Nintendo 64.

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