Activision rocking out Van Halen, Band Hero, Guitar Hero 5 in '09?

Source: UK game-info site Eurogamer.What we heard: During a February 11 earnings call, Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith talked about the year's Guitar Hero titles. Those included Guitar Hero: Metallica (due out March 29), Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits for consoles, and a new...


Source: UK game-info site Eurogamer.

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What we heard: During a February 11 earnings call, Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith talked about the year's Guitar Hero titles. Those included Guitar Hero: Metallica (due out March 29), Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits for consoles, and a new Guitar Hero DS game, identified this week as Guitar Hero: Modern Hits.

Griffith also hinted that something bigger was in store for the billion-dollar rhythm franchise. "As we look at that back half of the year we expect to release the majority of our games," he declared. "Starting with the Guitar Hero franchise, we'll launch a major restage of the business, with all-new differentiated Guitar Hero products, plus the launch of DJ Hero, a line extension that enhances the franchise."

Today, Eurogamer cited "a source close to the publisher" as confirming that Activision is adding three more installments to its rhythm series this year. According to the British site, "Guitar Hero 5" will arrive in September, followed a month later by the already officially confirmed DJ Hero.

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However, two previously unannounced games were also named: "Hard Rock Van Halen" in August and "Band Hero" in November. The former is not totally unexpected, as Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick name-checked the rock supergroup at a conference last March. (The "Hard Rock" subtitle is odd though--could a Hard Rock Cafe-branded game be in the works?) The latter, however, remains shrouded in mystery. Will it offer new types of non-rock music (funk, perhaps?) with new peripherals? Then again, for anyone who was part of a music class in high school, the title "Band Hero" evokes nightmarish flashbacks of brass instruments like those mocked by The Onion's Sousaphone Hero parody.

The official story: E-mails asking for comment about any unconfirmed upcoming music games got the silent treatment from Activision.

Bogus or not bogus?: Band Hero? Possibly. Hard Rock Van Halen? Likely. Guitar Hero 5? Inevitably.

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can i play rock band song on guitar hero world tour

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i love guitar hero more than anything (especially rock band) but they are coming out with so many games the rest of this year-i mean they're coming out with 6 + more games THIS YEAR and i can't afford all of them. they need to space it out more

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Ever since Guitar Hero World Tour, they've been crankin' out these games way too fast. Slow down, make a good quality game. I'm getting quite tired of Guitar Hero Games being the same except for a few tiny add-ons and new songs. Please slow down and think about what you're doing!

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I prefer Rock Band because there are more songs (downloads), better graphics, and it's easy on the eyes. Guitar Hero looks too fake now, especially with the characters. Also, Guitar Hero needs to take a break and just do DLC. Still, I've had some fun with GHWT.

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Look i dont mind Rock Band but... i mean Lego Rock Band is going to far... GOOO GUITAR HERO!!:)

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they shouldent relase all these games at the same time, then they might take hype away from each other

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if the Van Halen one follows suit of metallica, it will be really hard.

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rock band and guitar hero are just games everybody they are not real so stop fighting over them

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After playing the demo for Metallica, I've seen they've kicked up the difficulty to be at par with the main games. I think if they keep this up, Van Halen will be a fantastic game. I hope they don't make it too easy though, 'cause I wanna be able to recreate Eddie's Face Melting skills.

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Alot of people think that Guitar Hero and Rock Band are in a gaming war. here's an idea: First one to get Led Zeppelin on there games wins! :]

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Guitar Hero: Metallica is gonna be sick, i can already tell.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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YES! Finally a hint that someone has been listening to the crys for Van Halen!! Now if they could just license Def Leppard & Led Zeppelin, that would complete the series. No need to keep going after that.

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Exciting, even more money to squeeze out of the rhythm game sensation!

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I am perfectly happy with GH3... no need to waste more money with more guitar hero games.. Unless perhaps they let gamers vote on what songs they would like to see on the future games..

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YES YES.. more skill gaining and fret hitting strum strum tap tap

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I'm burned out on music genre games. If I want to play video games, there are plenty out there and if I want to play a guitar, I'll stick with the real thing!

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well idk if you could do this but they should make a guitar hero and let you download or use your own music but if that happen the business will go soooooo down!

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I think Harmonix is just as bad as Neversoft, if not worse. I have Guitar Hero 2, I have heard the tracklist riddled with cover bands, and I think if anything the third game was a major improvement over that. Of course while World Tour isn't that bad either, I fully agree that the peripherals for that game are total crap. I kind of wish they would just turn to DLC and put out more songs at a time like Rock Band does, and stop releasing new titles at least for this console gen.

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wtf?how many guitar heros are there going to be?

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I never want to see another Guitar Hero or Rock Band game ever again! I'm sick of it!!!!

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@Ashley wwe Uh... the good guitars you named (GH1 and GH2 SGs) were released when Harmonix was at the helm. The Les Paul (the first guitar released after Activision bought Red Octane) has more problems than I can sum up in this little blurb. The WT guitar was even more buggy with the slider section that hardly ever works properly. Add in the drums that were so bad that they had to release the sensitivity tweek patch, and Red Octane's (the company that makes the periferals) quality has clearly dipped since Activision took over. You were trying to refute KobayashiEQ, but helped prove his point.

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No more Guitar Hero. No more, I say! Neversoft are REALLY milking this cow. Seriously, Harmonix have released 6 titles in their day (don't forget Rock the 80's and ACDC), while the 'acquired' Guitar Hero has had ELEVEN titles, FIVE of them being released last year. Don't you think that's insane? DJ Hero sounds lame. I remember games that tried to do that in the PSone days, and those failed completely. As for Band Hero, that might mean the franchise might be split into Guitar Hero, a version soley for Guitars, and Band Hero, one for all the instruments. Still no Violin attachment so I can play those Yellowcard songs, though. Man that'd be awesome.

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KobayashiEQ that was a ridiculous comment, in my opinion... the only Guitar that broke that came with Guitar Hero/Rock Band games is the GH3 Les Paul (the best one, if it didn't break so easily). Also, the GH1 guitar still works which I got over 2 years ago, and the GH2 guitar which I got over 2 years ago still works perfectly and I spilt coke inside it like a year ago.

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I wish Blizzard wasn't associated with these clowns.

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Gamers...I introduce to you all, the real world. Where companies, uh, I dunno, look for profit? No surprise. At least the games are entertaining.

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Band Hero? is that not what GH4 basically is?

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A GH/RB Van Halen? Maybe this is the way to reunite them where they won't be fighting all the time. Maybe we could have a celebrity-death-match-type episode where all the singers are on stage at once, slugging it out.

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Activision turned GH into a mess after Harmonix left. Harmonix wanted to setup a platform where customers can connect with their music in new ways while Activision wanted to make a profit. World Tour's DLC is weak and pales in comparison with RB's downloadable music lineup. GHTunes is a mess made by amateurs and pros wishing they had real studio tools. I got into the GH series when Harmonix was still at the helm. After they left it was over for me...until Rock Band came out. The fact that Harmonix kept ALL the DLC the compatible with both RockBand and RockBand 2 tells you more about how much they love music as opposed to how much money they can make.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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One thing that stay true is that future Guitar Hero games already lose one customer who is myself. And this also applies to future Rock Band games.

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Looks like activision is really milking this cow all true massive companies, they will shove the genre down our throats till they kill it then move onto a new one.Kinda like a parasite.

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I don't really care, I spent my $200 on Rockband 2 for the Wii and I'm quite happy playing that. I'm not going to continue spending more money on recycled games when I think the correct thing to do is offer the new songs as downloads. And this is why soo many gaming companies are having layoffs, greed...oh well.

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While funk music might be a neat addition, Activision is just ruining their previously loved franchise. They're all out of innovative ideas.

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Band Hero? Wasn't that the whole idea behind World Tour? Didn't they realize that "Band Hero" is a stupid name? I keep trying to defend what Activision is doing with my beloved Guitar Hero franchise, but it's getting harder and harder.

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This is why RockBand is better

Avatar image for MrFinalFantasy

well..its kind of true..this is Pure overkill..its like any other genres are getting the boot..while rhythm games are going over the top..what about RPG? its been a while since i've seen a new RPG. sigh.

Avatar image for KobayashiEQ

Maybe they should spend more on developing a guitar that lasts more then 2 days.

Avatar image for GC4ever

this is an overload on music games they should stop before it hits DDR type of 'so what' status gh 5 sounds great i will buy it but nothing else...

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There's a reason why I stop reading Gamespot forums. (BMUD :daer)

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band hero? nooooooo. I've done my time four years of the real thing no thank you. Guitar hero 5 really?! arent they running out of songs to use world tou was kind of medicore. I'm exspecting gh metallica to be better that wt. van halen why not eddies guitar riffs make for god fun.

Avatar image for Captain_JS

Hey! Where's Guitar Hero: Kiss Disco!?

Avatar image for Shadowflame291

Band Hero? LOL, generic name. What's next, Ocarina Hero? ROFL, Link would be the main character.

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you know what, i hope that GH5 is just guitar again. And band hero will carry on the drum, bass, guitar, mic thing that GH4 had. Because i bought GH3 over the original rock band because i honestly dont want all that extra stuff. Its unnecessary. And GH4 is exactly like rock band which i think is not good. GH does it better than rock band in my view. Anyway, i hope thats what they do. But i actually don't think that will happen. Hard Rock van Halen sound weird too. i guess we'll have to wait and see.

Avatar image for asm607

I don't care if they kill it, as long as the games are still fun. Once they stop being fun, i will stop buying.

Avatar image for black_ice23

dude they are gonna kill this franchise with all these releases DJ Hero im interested in bringing a Hip Hop flavour to GH Band hero? if it has funk ill take a look at it

Avatar image for Michael-Redd-22

They've really gotta chill out with this. I can dig the idea of getting as much money as possible out of a popular franchise, but this is overkill. Hence why I'm gonna stick with Rock Band 2 and future games from now on. DLC for the win.

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So lemme see: Metallica, GH 5, Van Halen, Band Hero, DJ Hero, Greatest Hits, Modern Hits, And on top of it DLC! ALL THIS YEAR?!?!?!?!!!! We all liked the plastic guitars for the most part, and when a new one came out 1 1/2 years later we were ready for the next one. now we got all this plus the harmonix lineup and we get inundated with too much rythm games. I thought it was enough that Fallout 3 and all the other awesome games came out within 3 months or so, but this is just suicide for this genre! if need be, only do your 1 game a year please! im not giving you 60x5 of my dollars this year, maybe ill buy one used since i bought one last year, but im not shelling out this much. AND IM NOT GONNA BLOW ON SOME PLASTIC TUBA WITH COLORED BUTTONS!!!

Avatar image for missonrs

Who ever says play a real instrument should kiss my ***. What if we just want to have fun and not spend alll that time to learn a real instrument. I might get van halen if it comes out (and has a good setlist). But I doubt it. metallica version is proably the last i'll ever get of the hero games since it has double bass pedal (double madness).

Avatar image for Hayden10Noah

dang, not another!!!!!!!!!!!!!