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Activision Releases Unusual Video Showing Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheater Getting Banned

"We know what you're doing. We're coming for you."


Cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone has been an ongoing issue, and Activision has now rolled out another anti-cheating PSA to discourage bad behavior. A video posted to the Call of Duty account shows off what is claimed to be the real reaction of a player who received a hardware and profile ban, which locked him out of the game on all available platforms for cheating.

The video is meant to demonstrate that Activision has no tolerance for cheating in Warzone and will move swiftly and emphatically to ban players, as it continues to do--just recently, the company banned another 100,000 accounts.

"We know what you're doing," Activision said. "We're coming for you."

In the video, the banned player shows off how all their accounts, across platforms--even those they never played on--were banned. It's meant to showcase the reality of what can happen if you cheat in the game and get caught.

"Congratulations to Activision. Biiiiig congratulations. You guys finally got your sh** together and you finally have banned accounts. So I appreciate you doing that. I'm actually happy right now. You guys took matters into your own hands and fixed it so now content creators are coming back to the game," the banned player says in the video.

Activision's efforts to stamp out cheaters is ongoing. When the new Warzone map launches later this year, it will include a new anti-cheat system to help weed out the bad actors. Activision hasn't announced specifics on the system, and that's likely by design so would-be cheaters can't get ahead of the game.

The next Call of Duty game is the WWII entry Vanguard, which launches in November. Multiple beta tests are coming up in September, following the Champion Hill alpha.

This is all happening as Activision Blizzard faces a lawsuit from the state of California over harassment and discrimination against women.

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