Activision prepping 'Bloodhunt,' trademarks 'Sledgehammer Games'

Australian ratings board lists new multiplatform game as having "strong violence"; USPTO filing could be name of publisher's new San Francisco Bay Area studio.


The past 24 hours have seen the headlines hogged by incendiary comments made by Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. However, the subsequent uproar has drowned out two other developments that may shine light on both a new Activision game and a new Activision studio.

Activision is dropping the Sledgehammer on Bloodhunt, apparently.
Activision is dropping the Sledgehammer on Bloodhunt, apparently.

Yesterday, the Australian Classification Board listed a game called "Bloodhunt" being published by Activision Blizzard. Though the developer was not listed, the filing did reveal that the game will be multiplatform and rated MA 15+ for mature audiences 15 and over.

Meanwhile, last week in the US, Activision filed a trademark for the title "Sledgehammer Games" for use with "computer game software and related instruction manual sold together as a unit; interactive video game programs; computer game discs; [and] downloadable computer game software."

Though no further details are given about what kind of label Sledgehammer Games will be, there is a likely suspect--Activision's currently unnamed San Francisco Bay Area studio. Shortly after the shop's existence was revealed via a job listing, the publisher hired away two top executives from the similarly macho-monikered Visceral Games, Electronic Arts' Dead Space and Dante's Inferno studio.

Requests for clarification about Bloodhunt and Sledgehammer games sent to US and Australian Activision reps had not been answered as of press time.

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@ KingNabster .. I'll join u if u dont mind. no peeking.

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Everytime I see that stupid smile on that CEOs face it pisses me off!

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Hey guys, seriously, I like what I'm seeing here, we really do need to send Activision a message. But really, I fully doubt many will have the conviction to stay away from MW2.

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i wonder if theyre gonna make a new bloodhunt every year like they do with COD and GH lulz

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Activision, bringing the H in 'Hypocrisy' for over 20 years...

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Bloodhunt, Bloodhunt, Bloodhunt...... Why does that title sound familiar? I swear theres a different game with *A SIMULAR TITLE*.

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F ACTIVISION!! I ain't buying any games from them NO MORE!

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Bobby Kotick; bringing bad ideas to the gaming industry since 2009.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Bobby Kotick- "We are very good at keeping people focused on the deep depression." With a new game starting development I'm sure Activision's employees can hear the whips a crackin'.

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If your human you will boycott Activision.

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well i hope the mouth movements in this game is gonna be real if it isnt i wont buy it

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Hope its gonna be "only" good ^_^

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Even though activision picked up Blizzard. I think we are okay, because i remember the very same article that announced the acquisition also say that Activision would let Blizzard do its own thing. And that made me feel better.

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with the leadership at activision essentially saying they want to ruin gaming and make us all depressed, I honestly stopped caring about them. the worse thing is, Blizzard is also a part of activision now, so the danger of the excellent blizzard franchises going down is a worry for me.

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I piss on Activision.

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I don't care about this new franchise. Activision and CEO Hitler are evil and we must boycott them.

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Guess what, Bobby Kotick? I respect games that are inspired by fun, have had teams working on it that were having fun, and can understand the concept of fun in a way that allows them to better design an intriguing experience. Shove your bottom line, and to hell with these announced titles. No, I'm not a hardcore Modern Warfare fan, I can live without the sequel, since I can play the 6 other FPS franchises that seem to come out every month. Sayonara loser.

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@Intrakitt I totally have to 100% disagree with you. Activision's CEO takes top cake of the most douchebaggeried douchebag of this centuries douchebags. He as at best a money hungry slug and at worst a man who could be the next fascist leader. In all honesty if Activision hired a bag of dog sh*t they would have picked a better candidate.

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everyone here hopes for or predicts activision downfall. but all of you have hope for and predicted ea downfall before activision merge it's way to the top. both activision and ea is still doing fine. ea even become creative again with all the new ip they've released this year and last year. hell i hope BOTH activision and ea continued to exists. i just hope there's going to be an even bigger game company in a few years, just to keep things interesting

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Damn it Activision

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After the comments from the Activision CEO I, do not care for their products!

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Hopefully its a spin-off of Guitar Hero where well actually use a sledge hammer and wack our selves in the head because Activision sucks so much

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haha athenian...Suuure you'll boycott Activison. You obviously can't live without Infinity Ward so you'll boycott Activision long enough for Infinity Ward to come out with another game after MW2. Tool. id left Activision to go to an even more evil company, EA. So how can you really give props to id anymore? Their new game, Rage, just looks and sounds like a complete rip-off of Mad Max and Fallout. Anyway, on topic. I hope the new studio by the project lead from Dead Space will do great things. As it is, Dante's Inferno is looking really lame, so I am going to take Visceral Games as a one trick pony. They will probably just move on, after Dante's Inferno does terribly, and make rehash after rehash of Dead Space, defeating any relevance it might once have had to its fans...who knows, they might even go the BioShock route and add multiplayer to the sequel. boo

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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pity, I love blizzard, but hate activision.

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Activision has been cocky for way too long - I sense a downfall in the near future.

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This is most likely going to suck, compliments to Robert Kotick the douche.

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After what they did to Wofenstein why would anybody buy an activsion Product?

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Yay! a game from my most hated publisher in the world that I couldn't care less about

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Bobby Ko-Dick can suck it. After Modern Warfare 2, nobody's going to buy Activision anymore. I mean, even id Software has left them. After Infinity Ward, they have nobody. Activision will die in the next decade. Mark my words.

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oh god...that activision logo is from HYPERBLADE!!! please release a sequel!!!!! OH PLEASE!!!

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I thought Activision wasnt going to be putting their games on consoles anymore...

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Strike TWO! Just One More Activision, Just One More!

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activision again wut is it dis time

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The "Sledgehammer" must reference the weapon Kotick uses to induce "skepticism, pessimism, and fear"...

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@tajirnere eww...

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i still have the taste of Kotick in my mouth,sorry

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Hmm could be interesting. Sounds like another GOW rip off though anyway.