Activision looks ahead

Confident of its financial strength, the game publisher announces it will meet or exceed earnings expectations for 2001.


Activision has announced that it will meet or exceed current revenue and earnings expectations for the 2001 fiscal year. The company also announced that it will buy back $15 million in debt. According to Activision CEO Robert Kotick, the company's multiplatform strategy and leadership let it post better-than-expected revenue and earnings. Kotick also noted that the company is in a position to take advantage of the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance, the Microsoft Xbox, and the Nintendo GameCube, as well as the growing base of PlayStation 2 users.

Although the company's overall revenue, earnings, and earnings per share were lower than in the same period the year before, the company attributed this to the transitional nature of 2001 as the industry moves toward next-generation platforms.

Activision released a number of popular PC games in the past year, including Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Quake III: Team Arena, and Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force.

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