Activision delivers Street Hoops licensing details

Popular clothing brands and street basketball players will appear in Activision's upcoming b-ball game.


Activision has released new info regarding the licensing deals for its upcoming blacktop basketball game, Street Hoops. The game will feature players like Booger Smith, AO, Headache, The Future, Speedy Williams, Hot Sauce, and Half Man Half Amazing. These players have been culled from a Nike ad campaign and the And 1 Mix Tape series.

The game will take place on nine different courts in nine different cities, and players can unlock four fantasy courts as well. The game will have a wagering element, allowing you to win money by betting on games. With the money you earn, you can purchase licensed clothing from lines like Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Southpole, And 1, and Pure Playaz. Gameplay modes include world tournament, king of the court, and some multiplayer options. No specifics regarding the game's soundtrack have been revealed other than that it is scheduled to contain "top hip-hop" tracks.

Street Hoops is being developed by Santa Monica-based Black Ops Entertainment, and it is currently scheduled to hit shelves for PS2 and Xbox in August.

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