Activision confirms E-rated Spider-Man 2 PC game

Following a flurry of demo-sparked confusion, the developer admits it is releasing a separate, kids-oriented version of its movie tie-in.


Last week, copies of the PC version of Spider-Man 2 began to surface on the Web. However, gamers who downloaded the demo found it bore little resemblance to the open-ended action adventure game being developed by Treyarch for consoles. Instead, the demo showed a much less complex, obviously youth-oriented game from Fizz Factor, codeveloper of The Hobbit.

Today, Activision reps confirmed that the PC Spider-Man 2 will be completely different from its console cousins. "The PC version of Spider-Man 2 is rated 'E' and targeted towards kids eight years of age and older, and it is not a port of the console versions," read an e-mail from the publisher that was circulated to the press.

According to Activision, the PC Spider-Man 2 game will have "an exciting storyline exclusive to Spider-Man 2 PC" and will feature classic Spidey nemeses, like Doctor Octopus and Puma. Players will go through 18 missions and nine distinct environments using "highly realistic webswinging abilities" to travel between streets and rooftops, which represents "a first in a Spider-Man-based PC title." The game will employ a "simplified point-and-click control scheme" and will only require a PC with a 600MHz processor speed and 128MB of RAM. Activision said more details on the PC Spider-Man 2 are forthcoming.

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