Activision CEO on possible COD MMOG, Guitar Hero's Asian Tour

Bobby Kotick discusses potential direction of shooter franchise; says Guitar Hero the "best-selling game we've ever had" and will expand to China and Korea.


With the massive Activision Blizzard merger looming, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick held court today at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in Dana Point, California. Whereas many presentations by executives to analysts prove snooze-inducing, Kotick brought up several subjects that perked up the ears of the game industry.

First was the prospect of one of Activision's biggest franchises going the massively multiplayer route. After repeating his claim that it would take at least a half-billion dollars to take on Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft, Kotick outlined how Activision will use soon-to-be corporate sibling Blizzard's "institutional expertise" to bring PC editions of Guitar Hero to the "roughly 300,000 game rooms between China and Korea."

Then, Kotick raised the possibility that, one day, there could be an MMOG game based on the award-winning Call of Duty series. Referencing the Blizzard-backed Guitar Hero expansion plans, he said: "When you think about other properties that we own and control like Call of Duty, and what would be the natural evolution of a property like Call of Duty into a massively multiplayer environment... How do you monetize that?"

Kotick went on to praise the Guitar Hero franchise as "the best-selling game that we have ever had"--and to raise some speculation about the franchise's future. Kotick repeatedly used the word "instruments" to refer to Guitar Hero controllers, restoking speculation about a DJ Hero spin-off or Rock Band-like expansion.

"The enthusiasm for the [Guitar Hero] product is there," declared Kotick, before raising the explicit possibility of "product categories that are line extensions." Could said "extensions" include the Guitar Villain and Drum Villain licenses Activision has already trademarked?

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Bobby Kotick god this guy and his despicable company Activision and now they are dragging Blizzard down the drain. No LAN support Starcraft 2 we know your behind it Bobby. And now Infinity Ward has been torn apart all hope for Modern Warfare 3 is now gone GONE !!!!! Whats next a crossover game guitar hero/call of duty/wow ????????

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boy if they can pull this off, that will be the end of my social life as i know it

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Somebody please stop Bobby kotick from ruining any future titles of activision blizzard, he already ruined some games and its not going to be long before he gets to ruin blizzard games as well.

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Might be interesting... I would like to see it pull through as it would be tredding new territory that Infinity Wards has never seen before.

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i think the mmofps is a great idea but it could be very difficult in reality to pull off, but i think it is the natural course that these games should take in the future providing the developers pull it off correctly, i am not a great fan of futuristic stuff since some of it seems a bit unrealistic but i would love it to be set in the present or ww2 battles, but realy i think present day would be the better option. also i would love to see some vehicles and much larger maps , for me the only thing that bugs me about COD4 is the excessivly small multiplayer maps, and the fast game play which, granted is fun to play for a while, but is just far from realistic. so with huge mmo maps, more tactical play and teamwork with an rpg element and this game could be a classic which could redefine the fps genre in the near-ish future.

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I could see a COD mmo set in a post-apocolyptic enviornment like fallout 3. Different factions and guilds to coexist in that enviornment more easily, I think, plus it provides a lot of room for different technology. Myabe some factions ar better at armor. Some at guns, some at structure building....

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would be very dumb for it to be an mmog -.- very very stupid for a company that made it that far .

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I don't know, for some reason I doubt that they'll make a COD MMO. Considering how great the last game was, I doubt Activision would change the formula too much.

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BoobyUnger how the fudge can you turn cod into a mmo that is so dumb and will probably ruin the cod name ============================================ Picture a open explorable world like in WoW. And change it to a military type setting, with guns and vehicles instead of swords and animal mounts. Now if they have different armies for diff countries like WoW has factions, And throw in commander capabilities for big Guilds/squads.... Among many other things i could go on about. It might actually be fun. AS LONG AS IT"S NOT SET IN THE WW2 ERA :D Thank you very much...

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Guitar Hero and Rock band will be not selling in JApan for one thing .Japan got the same game idea by konami since 8years from now called "Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania".........*sigh*

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whats mmo?

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I am just waiting for that Call of Duty MMO

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This is gonna Be intresting

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COD MMO?? Interesting...

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Both are great games. I expect guitar hero to become popular in Asia. the game should extend to add drums, vocals, maybe even instruments like saxophone or violin. heck, it would be cool to have a band-orchestra game. rock band and guitar hero. basically the same game except that rock band has more instruments and coop ideas in it. the COD4 MMOG, personally i have mixed views about that. I think in one view that it could be ok, but they would need to fix the host leaves-game ends connection. it might be fun but the maps are not the biggest, i'm not saying this in a bad way but if that would happen new big maps would have to be made. it would be unique though. I might enjoy it if it comes out. on the other end it sounds like a bad idea. since the games would be so big it may become to hectic for even me the amazing Sci-fi_fanatic22 on PSN. I personally think they should either make a COD5, or a huge add on for the game. I loved COD4, but if they added usable-drivable viechles like jeeps, tanks, bikes, and choppers the game would've been much better. the game kinda needed more weapons. the selection felt kinda small compared to games like SOCOM, or R6V. plus the game could compete with Battlefield, or Frontlines Fuels of War

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polsci1503, you're right, Guitar Hero and Rock Band are just different. I own both and when people ask about them, I don't even like to compare them. It's like I play Rock Band with my family and have a lot of fun, and I play Guitar Hero by myself to get high scores and stuff.

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keyser27...i have no words to describe that horrible statement you just made about how bad cod4 was and why are you such a hater, if you don't appreciate these two games, THEN DON'T POST HERE...nooob

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how the fudge can you turn cod into a mmo that is so dumb and will probably ruin the cod name

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@sellardwellar... Try to imagine battling thousands of troops in an empty swimming pool with your bullets hitting enemy troops on your screen but missing by miles on the enemy's kill-cam, at least until someone leaves the game and the whole game collapses. That's more the reality of what Activision seems to be capable of these days.

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Not to overstate the elephant in the room, but COD4 wasn't much of a game in the first place. Way too short and way too easy with painfully backward web usage. There are a TON of better FPS's on the market for all systems (ME, Warhawk, Halo 3, GoW, Orange Box) that are good experiences. No one in their right mind can seriously put COD4 up against Warhawk on the PS3 or H3 on the 360, and I'm not a Halo fan. CoD 4 was just half a game, both online and off.

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Will CODMMO have bigger maps than a gymasium? Or would that be too much to ask? Was the No Doubt GH3 pack not enough, combined with the base game being horrid? Activision makes EA look like Team ICO. Is there anything Activision CAN'T destroy? Starcraft 2 in game advertising??? No thanks. This merger is nothing but a shame.

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cod 5 MMOG FPS it would have to stay fps... but imagine battleing thousands of troups in a one huge open world map full of oceans and mountains and all this crazt crap... insane

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COD MMO?! I have no reason to live... one of my favorite shooters gone commercial.

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COD4 MMO would be very very intresting

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Call of Duty MMO omg, head assplodes...

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the last thing we need is activision screwing with sounds like they think blizzard is a tool for them to make games for the PC and make WoW the only game blizz has ever made to them? i'm still not sure about this Activision/Blizzard merge....i dont want Activision tainting Blizzard's reputation. also, i'm sick of hearing about more and more GH cash-ins. and while a CoD MMO may sound cool, i doubt it'll work out. looking at the history of MMOFPS titles, they really havent worked as well as you'd want or expect. besides, a CoD MMO title would take years of development, and i dont think ol' bobby would enjoy having to wait that long to get the cash flow from the series...why do you think they hired Treyarch?

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I gotta see what they do with COD. I am very optimistic about the COD MMO.

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an mmo Cod hopefully its based on 4 and not the other ones. although they could take a futuristic approach. maybe.

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Actually, if the CoD mmo is free to play you will need xbox live gold. If it has a monthly fee then you can use silver, but you still have to pay the fee. And I really hope it's CoD 4 based and made by IW, not WWII based or made by Treyarch. That would be so sick. Hopefully it would be CoD 4 on an even bigger scale than Battlefield 2.

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If call of duty 4 becomes a mmo that means it would be free for silver suscribers for xboxlive. COOL!

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I dont understand why some people think the words "massive multiplayer online" MUST mean an rpg. It doesn't. Huxley has been in development (and I don't know when that game will be finished) but it is an MMOFPS. From what I have been reading on Huxley, the multiplayer will be set up so that there is going to be a central "hub" area where players meet and chat, and the are going to be seperate "rooms" (in this case maps) where players will actually fight (in this case Huxley will have battles of 100 v. 100 or more). So these maps will be Battlefield maps times 2, and, in my guesses, will consist of squads like there were in Battlefield 2. While I want to hear more about Huxley and am looking forward to it, if I were Activision, I would hold off the CoD MMO until Huxley comes out, just to see whether or not there are things then that they can jump on to immediatly improve, or, if Huxley becomes a huge blowout, forget the idea entirely.

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If theres a COD MMO then I hope its modern or else it'll blow

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I'd love it if Guitar Hero made it big in Asia. Hopefully Rock Band would follow suit. I'd be willing to import versions with J-pop soundtracks, and the PS3 is already region free :)

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MMO would kill the game

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COD MMOG one of the most controdicting things put together. ever.

Avatar image for dragonfury2008

A MMORPG first person shooter could work, I even had a few ideas about one. not like Call of Duty though. something allong the lines of Borderlands. would work

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Please no CoD MMO.

Avatar image for mad_cow19

DJ Hero? Wtf? Are you serious?

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SrTVBR "COD MMORPG? Well i don´t think this is gonna work." CoD MMO! Not MMORPG. A CoD RPG would be bad. But as an MMO it could be great. We need a top flight shooter to go MMO. Sounds like the next step to me. Huxley looks good. But it looks a bit run and gun to me. Worth a try though.

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No more MMOs, please.

Avatar image for polsci1503

A CoD MMO isn't that big a leap people.... Huxley is already in development as a shooter MMO (wonder how far along it is now). And anybody playing CoD 4 online can attest the formula works. As for GH... why all the hate? Rock band is not better by the way - it's different. If you own both games you'll know what I mean. Rock Band is easier but geared to make you feel like you're playing in a band (and it's setup very well that way), while GH is straight up a guitar-centric game. They are both rythym games but comparing them is not as simple as it would first seem.

Avatar image for auron11022

I remember people saying that Warcraft is a FTS YOU'RE GONNA RUIN THE SERIES BY MAKING IT A MMO!!! Yeah.... not so much

Avatar image for SrTVBR

COD MMORPG? Well i don´t think this is gonna work.

Avatar image for asilaydying4

I feel something horribly wrong coming mmo shoot, not only a shooter but call of duty...WTF?! HOW COULD YOU BE SO WRONG.....Making more games won't increase the sales, making good well thought out good ones like what the call of duty today is what gives you sales....If they are serious about this mmo thing then we can start to say good buy to the call of duty franchise

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Adding to my last comment i do realize Asia is RPG and Fighter nation but it is also musical continent of its own. They listen to more rokk than probably most of u.

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I don't want to hear this game doesn't work in South Korea We had an exchange student at our house and they loved the game because one of their friends had it and he was 17. So yes i will work'

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next thing you know monkeys are going to be putting chili peppers on their nipples!

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Blah, this franchise is dead now that Activision has their hands on it regardless. Rock Band FTW. @Zerosumgame: You don't know what you're talking about. I had a bunch of people from Asia on my 360 friends list with Guitar Hero II, and damn-near all of them had the full 1000 achievement points in it. Asia loves these sort of games.

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how can you make an mmo game based from a modern shooter? That just sounds like a bad idea to me