Activision calls dibs on Guitar Villain, Drum Villain

Trademark applications filed late last year suggest a pair of Guitar Hero spin-offs in the publisher's future.


With MTV's purchase of Guitar Hero developer Harmonix and development duties on the franchise handed over to Neversoft, it seems inevitable that the game will undergo some changes. A pair of trademark application filings uncovered today by GameSpot indicate those changes could extend well beyond the studio making the game.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office Web site currently shows a pair of applications from Activision for "Guitar Villain" and "Drum Villain." The applications specifically state that they are intended to cover computer game software in a variety of forms, including downloadable games, games sold together with controllers, arcade games, and games sold with electronic toy guitars. The filings also mention entertainment services, such as online leaderboards that keep track of players' high scores.

The Guitar Villain mark was filed for on November 29, 2006, with the Drum Villain mark following days later on December 1.

These filings don't necessarily mean these games are coming soon, or even at all. Before it was acquired by Activision last year, RedOctane filed for trademarks on Keyboard Hero, Drum Hero, and Band Hero.

A representative from Activision acquisition and original Guitar Hero publisher RedOctane offered the following statement when asked about the trademark filings: "RedOctane is fully dedicated to, and currently focused on the production of Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360. There have not been any announcements, or further information, on any titles and projects outside of this."

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From now on call me Activision hater OK?

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Guitar Villain? So it's guitar hero... Except with criminals?

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wow this is retarded

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Activisio, I think Guitar Hero is fine, you don't need to push it. Even if you do release this, I'll still pay attention to one of your music series, and that's GH, because I think that's enough for me.

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Wow. Really...

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ehhh no... GH is a party game, not a simulation of a rock star

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Forget it, it would sound real silly to have a game of that title ... what are you gonna do in the game? Mess up the timing of a properly played song?

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Jesus Christ can't you guys read at all ? They did it to prevent other companies to make cheap ripoffs using those names. It's called playing it safe.

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i like rock as much as the next "Rocker" but i also like country,oldies, modern rock. All that could be turned into a Guitar hero, but change the name and add some more stuff "not gonna post it on here though not gonna let someone else take credit for my ideas".

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Guitar Villian I wanna play guitar hero, but with SERIOUS Death metal and black metal Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth anyone?

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That would be totally gay It would be filled with hardcore death metal and gothic tunes.

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How would a guitar villain game be any different form guitar hero. What r they gunna do have u play bad on purpose to bands that suck

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heroin hero you try to catch the pink dragon but you never catch it and you inject yourself with heroin

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Yeah, except that HIM sucks

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i think a guitar hero/villain with Him or Bullet for my valentine whole be awesome

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I call dibs on Guitar, Drum, and Band apocalypse!

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It'd be cool if they did make Drum Hero. I'm interested in the drums but I can't play them.

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Now lets totally draw the attention away from the Guitar Hero Series by calling the Game "Guitar Villain". Instead, they should name the game "Guitar Princess" so it can appeal more to the "Lady Rockers" out there. Next will be "Guitar Elder"; Ever wonder if your grandpa can rock out to an old Elvis or Hank Williams song? I sure have.

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I call dibs on Band Hero, my idea, it's the same game with online play, but you pick which version to buy, Bass, Guitar, Drums, etc. Create the Ultimate band and monthly Battle of the Bands competitions. It'll be awesome-ness.

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Poison_Me_Rum said: Guitar Villain may never see the light of day, but as long as it has an awesome track list and plays the same as the others, I'll buy it. I'd imagine it'd have a much darker, heavier tracklist. I also wish they'd get rid of the censoring. Killing In The Name just isn't the same without all those eff words. Yeah I was waiting for... **** YOU I WONT DO WATCHA TELL ME! **** YOU I WONT DO WATCHA TELL ME! MOTHER****ER! And for everyone who wonders what would be in the game, instead of lighthearted songs (not that all of them WERE lighthearted) like message in a bottle, think darker songs, Marilyn Manson, More Ozzy, Disturbed, not necessarily all metal, but just darker songs, with more morbid lyrics, maybe even some led zeppelin! Music where instead of a rock ICON you become a rock outcast, like tommy lee and Motley Crue.

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oh god a swarm of guitar hero derivatives, get your steak knives

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Oh God........i call "Guitar Astronaut" with like space rock songs, like muse and radiohead. that would actually be good

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Interesting. I cant wait to hear more info on these games..

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I agree with Poison_Me_Rum and Jonny_Animal. those kind of heavier bands hae the best guitarist i have ever heard of. these games need metallica,slayer,and heavy stuff like disappointed in GH2. IF hs game comes out and has a good track list like wat i described....i will deff buy it in a heartbeat

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G. Villain may be alright, depends mainly on track list. I really wish they'd do a "Guitar ~" game that was nothing but solid music--Cream, Yardbirds, Hendrix, The Who(who're still absent from a game to date!!), Queen, Bowie, maybe some Tom know, the good stuff. oh well, guess I'll keep dreamin

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drum hero will cost a arm n a leg.

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Paul_TheGreat They gonna ruined Guitar Hero franchise. LOL. Lovely words you have there. Future Tense with Past Tense, they don't work together. Next time say.. "They are going to ruin the Guitar Hero franchise" instead. Also, I doubt that they'll ruin it. In an interview they said that they are going to stick with the same formula that the first 2 games have. Also, I and everyone else are hoping that the "Villian" means that they'll have a heavy metal edge to it. If it does, and they pick the right songs, it'll rock just as hard as Guitar Hero. I just wish that everyone would be more optimistic about this, as long as they stick to the formula and bring us great music. There's nothing to worry about.

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Guitar Villain may never see the light of day, but as long as it has an awesome track list and plays the same as the others, I'll buy it. I'd imagine it'd have a much darker, heavier tracklist. I also wish they'd get rid of the censoring. Killing In The Name just isn't the same without all those eff words.

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Hopefully Guitar Villain (if it gets done) will be comprised mostly of death metal and black metal instead of the mainstream MTV and radio crap on Guitar Heroes.

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Keyboard Hero, Drum Hero, and even Band Hero sound like good ideas...but what the ponit with changing/making the game/games called Guitar Villain and Drum Villain?

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Humiliation at it's best... Why on earth they had to Tamper GH? They did nothing wrong.

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This is the beginning of the end to the GH series.

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Either stockin up on patents is a preventative measure or... Consider this: Guitar "Villain" doesn't have to do with the music at all. There could be the same quality of rockin' songs! BUT... Instead of "Starpower" and tilting upward, you "smash" the guitar Instead of playing nicely with your friend, you attempt to "steal their thunder" Awesome playing could overpower the lead singer's voice Alienate your friend by playing both of your parts, while he stands idly DITCH THE BAND AND GO SOLO. Now THATS a guitar villain!!! Honestly, making an entire game based on metal or emo is an OBVIOUS mistake. I'm assuming with the amount of pay that the creative directors are getting, that they'll see a folly like that coming.

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My guess would be that this is a preventative measure against TAC(The Ant Commandos), owned by Kenami(is that spelled right? it looks wrong for some reason). If any of you missed it, which would be difficult with all the publicity on this site, there was a big suit between TAC and harmonix over the guitar controller. Both companies ended up settling the suit, but i'm sure it put the fear of limiting damage into activision. They'll prolly never make either of these titles, but in case they ever do, they know 100% that there cant be any property suits. That's just my guess though, maybe they will make em. TAC has certainly proved that a drum game can be made, and that it will sell well. its been in place over in Japan for awhile.

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Lot's of negative comments, why? I would say more Guitar hero type games can only be a good thing, wait for the actual song lists before dismissing a title not even in development.

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They gonna ruined Guitar Hero franchise.

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Guitar Villian: For the sucky Guitar Hero in all of us. Dodge the notes! ... .....Guitar Hero is going down the drain now. I guarantee every installment after GHII on the 360 will suck. I mean..its owned by something good thats come from anything owned by MTV? GHIII will have songs from Enimiem, Chamillionaire, and Big Pappa B*tch and his pimp-slappin' girls with a guitar solo slapped into them for 100% no reason. Oh, and Emo rock. Can you say Growl?! Then you can be in Guitar Hero 3! Enter the "Be a Guitar Hero 3" Contest -Growlers wanted! Oh yea. I vote for Ocarina Hero. With a special Cameo by 64-bit Link. >.>

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oh i guess other people had the same idea

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Drum Hero should be on the Wii

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I can only imagine how cheap and generic a drum peripheral would be. I will file this under LMAO.

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Man what the hell can guitar villain be? My take on it is nothing but Emo songs and Modern Metal. lets not make that happen. As for Drum hero lets hope they have some rush and Pantera songs on it. But i can only imagine the price for the drum set.

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Drum Hero!!! I want to play that!

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I dont know how much involvement MTV had with GH2, but I am afraid of later games that they start up. With the **** that they play on their "anything, but music channel" MTV, I am very afraid for later GH games. Friggin Viacom owns everything and it makes me sick. I have no problem with big businesses, but Viacom just seems to buy everything it sees for sale. Like a damn 10 year old in a candy store with a $5 bill.

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Neo_Zeke: Most actual goths do not listen to anything resembling emo. It's the gawths/Kindergoths/Hottopic **** who do that. =\ And yeah, somehow I think that's how Guitar Villain will turn out.

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why don't make drum villian for wii, ya know two wiimotes...

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Not to be a jerk but what if guitar villain (sorry emo and goth people) is emo rock and the type of Sh*t oh arent they making guitar hero: 1980 or something like that

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For wii... ?

Avatar image for Chris_Mistery

Wow.....ive seen better things from activision but Guitar Villain? PLEASE MAN, why not a Guitar Hero 3 and a Drum Hero?? Guitar Hero 3 should have online play and online leaderboards, and i think the Drum Hero should go to the Wii...i mean think about it, youve already got the 2 flippin controllers yeh know?? But yeh Activision DONT be stupid and make a Guitar Villain, not only is the EXTREMELY low to take the name but it sounds absolutely CORNY. if your goin to do any Guitar things do a Guitar Hero 3 with my suggestions ^_^

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Triangle Hero!