Activision announces Street Hoops

Activision enters its own product in the street-basketball subgenre with a game for the PS2 and the Xbox.


Activision has announced that it plans to release a street basketball game aptly titled Street Hoops for the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft Xbox. It is being developed by Black Ops Entertainment, which worked on such sports series as Knockout Kings and March Madness. The courts are based in real-world parks in 10 US cities. Adding to the authenticity, Activision plans to include a variety of street-ball players, who were featured in the legendary And 1 Mix Tapes and in Nike's "freestyle" commercial series.

"Street Hoops will be the most authentic street basketball game ever released," said Larry Goldberg, executive vice president of Activision Worldwide Studios. "The game returns basketball to its roots, when being the best meant you ruled as king of the playground court. Street Hoops will not only focus on the action and showboating of street basketball, but will also include the popular culture and lifestyle that surrounds it."

The primary modes of play in the game are world tournament, king of the court, multiplayer versus mode, and half-court. Players will be able to bet on games and earn money to buy licensed urban gear such as Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Southpole, and Pure Playaz. A hip-hop soundtrack will be included to further accentuate the urban style of the game.

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