Action RPG Risen 3: Titan Lords revealed

Piranha Bytes is working on the third Risen game.

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A cover of an upcoming issue of German gaming magazine PC Games reveals that the action role-playing game Risen 3: Titan Lords is currently in development.

German developer Piranha Bytes, which is responsible for the previous Risen games and for the Gothic fantasy RPG series, is making Risen 3: Titan Lords as well. It follows 2012’s Risen 2: Dark Waters, which we thought cleverly mixed fantasy and pirate themes.

All Games Beta has also posted a few leaked screenshots from the game, which, if real, display graphics far superior to what we saw in Risen 2: Dark Waters.

The first Risen was released on PC and Xbox 360. Risen 2: Dark Waters was released on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Risen 3: Titan Lords is headed to the PC. Console versions have yet to be announced.

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