Act of War: Direct Action Profile Preview - Task Force Talon Buildings and Units

We profile the buildings and military units of Task Force Talon in Act of War: Direct Action.


Act of War: Direct Action is one of the new breeds of real-time strategy games due out this year. While traditional real-time strategy games have followed the familiar formula of gathering resources, building up a huge economy, and then swamping the enemy with sheer numbers, Act of War will try to shake things up a bit. In Act of War, the base-building is mostly automated, and while you'll need to gather oil as a resource, your renewable resource will be prisoners that you capture in the field. Not only can you grill prisoners for valuable information, but you can ransom them off for cold, hard cash.

The game's plot is best described as a techno-thriller in that it not only focuses on modern-day weapons and equipment, but is also written with the assistance of Dale Brown, a noted techno-thriller author. In the game, a terrorist organization known as the Consortium seeks to destabilize the United States by launching audacious attacks on the homeland. In response, the US deploys its conventional military as well as Task Force Talon, an elite antiterrorist unit with access to experimental weaponry.

Task Force Talon is an elite direct-action unit composed of members from all branches of the military. As a direct-action team, it is capable of countering any situation in the world within 24 hours. Task Force Talon has access to experimental high-tech weapons and equipment, as well as intelligence sources outside the normal chain of command. In terms of combat, Task Force Talon relies on speed and flexibility rather than sheer firepower. Because of the group's small size, a commander must be careful not to lose units to the enemy.


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Task Force Talon HQ: Primary production center that deploys drone constructors and allows shield/drone technology upgrades.

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Barracks: Infantry training center used to produce task force commandos and heavy snipers. It also allows the addition of a field intelligence center as well as key upgrades, such as close-quarters-battle capture training.


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Task Force Commando: Task force commandos have been handpicked from all branches of the US military. Their primary role is to provide eyes and ears on the ground for more-powerful units and to clear and defend buildings. Few infantry units can match up with these commandos in urban combat.

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Heavy Sniper: These elite soldiers are armed with the Model 82A1 scoped rifle, making them the deadliest infantry units on the battlefield. These guns are so powerful that they can even take out light vehicles.


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Buggy: The buggy is the standard recon and "hit and run" transport unit of Task Force Talon. Its fast speed and good visibility make it an excellent scout, and it can detect stealth units with thermal detection. It is armed with a 12.7mm machine gun and a 20mm automatic grenade launcher.

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SHIELD: The super high infantry electronic defensive system, or SHIELD, is the infantry unit of the next century. Its Kevlar armor makes it resistant to light missiles and shells, while its fast speed makes it mobile. It is armed with a heavy machine gun coupled with a fast antitank minimissile launcher.


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RQ-4A Global Hawk: The Global Hawk drone is a fast scout with excellent visual range and stealth-detection capability. These drones can be upgraded to carry two Hellfire missiles to provide close air support to ground troops. However, the drone loses its stealth abilities when armed.

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F/A-35 Joint Strike Fighter: This fighter bomber was designed for air superiority and laser-guided bombing runs. Though not as good as the F-15 for air superiority, it is still a potent warplane with its four GPS-guided bombs. However, its lack of stealth makes it vulnerable to enemy air defenses.

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RAH-66 Comanche: Fast and stealthy, but without armament and lightly armored, the Comanche helicopters are normally used for scout and recon missions. However, once upgraded with antitank missiles, they become invisible killers.

This is our third and final profile preview of the playable sides in Act of War. Be sure to check our previous coverage for more information. The game is scheduled to ship this March.

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