Act of Aggression Promises A Return to the '90s Golden Age of Real-Time Strategy Games

RTS game developer Eugen Systems says Act of Aggression is its biggest project since 2005's Act of War.

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Eugen Systems, developer of the real-time strategy Wargame series, has announced Act of Aggression for the PC, which it promises is a return to "old-school RTS values."

The game, which Eugen Systems says is shaping up to be its most ambitious project since Act of War (released in 2005), will focus on the core mechanics from the "'90s Golden Era" of real-time strategy games, namely, base building, resource management, unit production, and dynamic battles.

Set in 2020, Act of Aggression will feature three factions: a shadowy organization known as The Cartel, a classified, international military organization known as the Chimere, and the U.S. Army. The game will have two separate single player campaigns, and multiplayer modes where you'll need to upgrade tech trees and control key areas on the map to win the match.

Eugen Systems and publisher Focus Home Interactive have yet to announce a release date, but they will be at Gamescom this week to show off more of Act of Aggression. Gamescom takes place on August 13-17, and GameSpot will be on the ground in Germany to bring you all the news as it happens.

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