Acer wins Acer TeamStory Cup Season 2

Acer bested Axiom to win the second season of the Acer TeamStory Cup.


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I imagine Acer has to be pretty pleased that the team they sponsor won the team league they sponsor.

Acer bested Axiom five to one in the Acer TeamStory Cup Season 2 finals. The two teams had played an electrifying Winner's Finals match hours earlier, where the game went to match point with Acer winning five to four. These two teams, certainly, came out swinging this weekend.

For a match by match recap, please look below.

INnoVation winsPolar NightImpact loses
INnoVation winsWhirlwindRyung loses
INnoVation losesStar StationCrank wins
MMA winsNewkirk Precinct TECrank losses
MMA winsYeonsuAlicia loses
MMA winsDerelict WatcherHeart loses

The VODs can be seen here.

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