Ace Combat 6 sticking 360s

$150 limited-edition bundle from Namco and Hori to include game, flight stick, and faceplate.


In what is becoming a semiregular occurrence, Namco Bandai announced today it would again be partnering with gaming peripheral-maker Hori to offer a limited-edition bundle for its upcoming flight-combat shooter Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. This marks the third collaboration of the two companies on a limited-edition bundle, with the first being a Flightstick 2 bundle for Ace Combat 5 in 2004 and the second being an arcade-style controller bundle for Tekken 5 in 2005.

Now arriving, the Ace-Edge.
Now arriving, the Ace-Edge.

In addition to the game, the bundle will include an Ace Combat 6-branded version of Hori's upcoming Ace-Edge Flightstick and an Ace Combat 6 Xbox 360 faceplate. The Ace-Edge is the first flight sim accessory available for the Xbox 360, and it will come in two pieces--a throttle control and a flight stick proper.

The bundle retails for $149.99 and will be available in limited supply at EB Games, GameStop, Gamecrazy, and this holiday season.

Ace Combat 6 will be making its Xbox 360 debut later this year and will retail for $59.99. It has not yet been rated. Check out GameSpot's first look of the game for more information.

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The Ace-Edge is a piece of poo. Hori clearly is a total noob when it comes to flight sticks, and the crappy quality of the Ace-Edge is plenty of evidence. If you didn't buy it, count yourself lucky since it's got a giant dead zone in the middle. You practically have to push it all the way to register any movement, which is pretty terrible for a flight stick. The 360 version of the Saitek Aviator will be a much better deal.

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OMG what a copy cat product of saitek's x45 rotflmao

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If its only XB360 compatable, then why is Hori also releasing it as a standalone product? its not like it works with Crimson skies or any other xbox 360 games (That i know of)

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just picked this up with the sticks... now I just gotta wait to get home with it! I am such a sucker for packages like this. I still have Steel Battalion in my closet at home. I hug the box every now and then and tell it "everything will be ok".

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I made a mistake on my last post. The old flight stick I used for the PS2 that only cost $20 was made by Pelican (not to be confused with Pelican Marine Products). They made one for the Xbox too, BUT I don't know if it would work on a xbox 360 or not. I found 2 for sale at amazon for $5 bucks but I want to email them and see if they work on the 360. They were a cheapy flight stick and had programming problems but they worked well enough for me to be happy using them for Ace 5 on the PS2.

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I checked and found my PS2 Ace combat 5 with HOTAS and its the same one. They are NOT prorammable and will not work on other machines or the PC. At least mine won't even though it has a USB plug.. I consider that HOTAS a waste of money so this time I am going to wait and see what others say about this one before I buy one. Actually I found the Flight Stick by Penguin was the best one for playing AC5 on the PS2. The buttons were some what programmable and the stick only cost $20. However thus far I cannot find that company anymore. I don't know if they make a joystick for anything anymore.

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Also wondering if it will work on the PC. I imagine it would since it is clearly USB. Even if it doesn't work off the pc right off the back, there is no doubt someone will make a driver for it to be pc compatible.

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This HOTAS isn't worth much in my opinion. It was issued for another game on another system a while back and the buttons are NOT programmable, the springs were weak and unresponsive you have to accept where they placed the controls they allowed on the system. Most of the switches and bottons are useless and can't be used unless some one makes a game that supports that particular button. I am going to be waitiong to see before i buy one. If they haven't corrected this stuff then this is just a ploy to get rid of stock no one wanted.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> although still classified as a rumour, i think its safe to say ACE COMBAT 6 IS COMING TO THE PS3. ign also said beautiful katamari is rumoured as a ps3 release, even though on the namco bandai website it says so...

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ummm wireless would have been nice

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If the stick is worth a danm and can be used on my PC as well as my 360 I'll consider getting it because I've been needing a new stick for my PC. The game is looking pretty sweet, so I'll at least rent it through gamefly though.

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If only I had 150! I hope I do by October >.

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Will I be able to get it in Canada? Do you think you can pre-order it now?

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Looks sweet to me. I will buy one.

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/agree with mehoff88, im really considering reserving this if it is PC compatible, any word on that? Oh and some screens of different angles would be appreciated, i would like to see it ergonomically designed for my lap

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i hate when they release these freaking accesories to use replacing the controller, just use the freaking controller!

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I wonder if you can use this with your PC?? more than likely you can. I bet after they release this game, about 6 months later they will have a patch that allows you to use any usb pc joystick on the 360

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Definitely going to reserve this tomorrow. Wish I could just use my Saitek X45 stick I've got for my PC.

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Im getting it but i hope we dont have to wait months after for a europe release date. :D

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Hey does anyone know why Namco ddecided to jump aboard the 360 train? That really sruprised me b/c the whole series was on the ps2, along with that Namco always brought games to the ps2 except for pacman, what happened? O and i'm a Xbox 360 owner that thought this game would only be ps3 so im spyched, also tis game is going to kick so much @$$, they always seem to do a greata job putting a story line into this series, I was especially pleased with ace combat 4's

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Preordered it today. Won't regret this. Man, 5 months can't come any sooner.

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I think that's a perfectly reasonable price. Considering that the game itself is $60 and the wheel was $150 by itself... seems like a great price. I might get it if I get really hyped about it.

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Maybe because I'm not into Xbox 360 and I haven't played Ace Combat, but $150 is too rich for my blood. But I do think flight games are way more fun with a stick than a pad.

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sigh.... why Namco why,..... why this game only for Xbox 360 T_T I'm a Ace Combat player T_T

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this looks pretty freakin sweet. the controller adds a nice touch, but 150 bucks is in the higher side of reasonable, but ill pay for it.

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Okay deal. You couldnt get Forza 2 included with the $150 wheel. And this could lead to other games using the flight control.

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That is a pretty awesome looking set of joysticks, i'm hyped

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"Terran499: And yet no word on the PS3 version." Last word I heard was there wasn't going to be one.

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hmm. really cool but 150 clams is just too much. it just makes me wish for microsoft flight simulatior 360. D:

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good for flying junkies. i wouldn't come close to paying $150 though.

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Wonder if it will work with Over-G, if it does I might actually play the game.

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wakko19991 you're talking about steel battalion. yeah, really realistic, really hard and really expensive. $200 got you probably the biggest and most unpractical controller and game. funny to think it came out before live. they brought out an online version later. i remember in the first one when your mech was destroyed your "game" was over. had to start all over again.

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Wow, Where do I pre-order? I can add this setup to my other Ace Combat 5 flight stick 2 setup for the Ps2. I just hope there are more games in development to use the Ace-Edge Controllers.

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remember steel batalion? oh well the ace series has a decent history...

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ouch. what was that other game tha came out for the xbox that had some rediculous price cuz it came with a controller, but the game sucked. It was some sort of mech game or something, but a few years later it became hard to find and was popular cuz everybody wanted it later... hope this doesnt go the same wy

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Woah, ok... I'm really hoping this peripheral isn't intended soley for one game exclusively. Now let's see some real flight simulators come back into style. I don't suppose Microsoft would be willing to buy the rights to Freespace from Interplay's corpse and have Volition make Freespace 3, would they?

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i agree with legacyoftain

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That's some wicked sick controllers

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That controller looks bananas. I'm not certain it would actually be any more effective than a standard controller, but it is hella cool.

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Seems a bit extreme for an arcade fighter pilot game.

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Perhaps if Ace Combat was a better seriies this might be worth getting

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sounds pretty cool to me :)

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I would buy it if Flight Simulator was coming out to 360.

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149 simple so funny thank god to have ps3

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it looks cool but 150 bucks for a joy stick for one game!

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uhhh $90 for what is essentially a joystick im gonna use for one game...ill pass... I made the same mistake in buying steel battalion

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looks sweet but to bad IM BROKE!!!

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I know of a select few (mainly whoever bought the driving wheel) that will want to go for this selective controller. It's a nice addition to the dance pad and any other crazy controller the 360 can come up with.