Ace Combat 6 sticking 360s

$150 limited-edition bundle from Namco and Hori to include game, flight stick, and faceplate.


In what is becoming a semiregular occurrence, Namco Bandai announced today it would again be partnering with gaming peripheral-maker Hori to offer a limited-edition bundle for its upcoming flight-combat shooter Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. This marks the third collaboration of the two companies on a limited-edition bundle, with the first being a Flightstick 2 bundle for Ace Combat 5 in 2004 and the second being an arcade-style controller bundle for Tekken 5 in 2005.

Now arriving, the Ace-Edge.
Now arriving, the Ace-Edge.

In addition to the game, the bundle will include an Ace Combat 6-branded version of Hori's upcoming Ace-Edge Flightstick and an Ace Combat 6 Xbox 360 faceplate. The Ace-Edge is the first flight sim accessory available for the Xbox 360, and it will come in two pieces--a throttle control and a flight stick proper.

The bundle retails for $149.99 and will be available in limited supply at EB Games, GameStop, Gamecrazy, and this holiday season.

Ace Combat 6 will be making its Xbox 360 debut later this year and will retail for $59.99. It has not yet been rated. Check out GameSpot's first look of the game for more information.

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