Ace Combat 6 lands October 23

Namco Bandai's flight-combat shooter touches down on Xbox 360 later this year alongside Hori's Ace-Edge Flightstick.


For fans of flight combat, Namco Bandai's Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation marks more than just a new set of unfriendly skies. It also signifies the debut of Hori's Ace-Edge Flightstick, the Xbox 360's first flight sim accessory. Namco Bandai today sends word that Ace Combat 6 will taxi onto store shelves with the Ace-Edge in its hold come October 23.

Ace Combat 6 introduces several new gameplay features to the long-running flight combat series. By way of Xbox Live, players can now dogfight online in cooperative and competitive matches. Also new is the "allied support system," forcing players to make strategic decisions on whether to bring in allied vehicles such as fighter planes, tanks, heavy bombers, and naval fleets to aid them in battle.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation is available exclusively on the Xbox 360 and retails for $59.99. The Ace-Edge Flightstick bundle, which includes the game, the Ace-Edge Flightstick, and a custom Xbox 360 faceplate, will sell for $149.99. It has not yet been rated.

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