Acclaim's Turok 3 Spotted

GameSpot News was recently treated to an early look at the next installment in the Turok series. Here's what we saw.


Turok 3 was shown to the gaming press on Tuesday, and the Milkman saw it with his very own eyes. Unfortunately, only background shots were shown.

The screens on display didn't contain any enemies or weapons, but they were actual game screens showing moodily lit greenish-blue settings, presumably during the nighttime.

The backgrounds looked great; as much of a surprise as when the original Turok 2 shots were released, they prompted cries of "they can't be real!" It was unclear if they were from the Nintendo 64 version, although one could assume they were, since Acclaim has so much time invested in the Turok engine.

Whether Acclaim is developing something for the Dreamcast is uncertain, although the company said that it wouldn't rule out the possibility.

Turok 3 is not scheduled to reach gamers' hands anytime soon, with the release of Turok: Rage Wars scheduled for this Thanksgiving. Expect to see Turok 3 by next summer or fall, or possibly as late as the next holiday season. Either way, it looks great. Stay tuned for further details.

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