Acclaimed PC Hacking Game Gets Expansion

Hacknet Labyrinths will be released by the end of 2016.


Publisher Surprise Attack Games has announced a new expansion to 2015's hacking simulator game, Hacknet. Titled Hacknet Labyrinths, the expansion adds a new chapter to the game, which introduces a whole new network for players to explore.

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Hacknet Labyrinths will feature new tools for players to use while hacking, including the Memory Analyzer. This tool is capable of performing memory forensics on RAM, on any server in the game. The Labyrinths expansion will also include a new soundtrack featuring Remi and synth musician Ogre.

The expansion will be released "before the end of 2016" for Windows, Mac, and Linux priced at $5. It will be set within the original game's story arc, and "seed new secrets" throughout it.

Hacknet was officially released in 2015 for PC by developer Team Fractal Alligator. Prior to that, earlier beta versions of the game were released on digital distribution platform Desura. The game has garnered positive reception on GameSpot sister site Metacritic, as well as on Steam.

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