Acclaim signs Diamond Dallas Page for Showdown

Acclaim Entertainment announces that Diamond Dallas Page will appear in Showdown: Legends of Wrestling.


Acclaim Entertainment has today announced that it has exclusively signed Diamond Dallas Page to appear in Showdown: Legends of Wrestling. The game will feature more than 70 wrestlers in total and will allow players to pit Diamond Dallas Page against other all-time greats such as British Bulldog, Dusty Rhodes, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

"The addition of Diamond Dallas Page, one of the sport's most beloved personalities, helps make Showdown: Legends of Wrestling an even bigger main event among wrestling fans this spring," said Brian Shields, brand manager for Acclaim. "Using Showdown's brand-new Ready to Brawl controls, fans can execute DDP's diamond cutter and other signature moves on any number of opponents using the game's intuitive pick-up-and-play control system."

"Yo cutters, it's time once again for the wrestling world to feel the Bang!" added Diamond Dallas Page. "Everyone has been asking when the original people's champion is returning to the ring. The three-time, three-time, three-time World's Heavyweight Champion is ready for battle in Showdown: Legends of Wrestling. It's great to be part of this roster of wrestling icons and to work with Acclaim. You know DDP's ready and the diamond cutter isn't far behind. I've battled the odds my whole life, and that's how I like it. This April, get ready to feel the Bang!"

Showdown: Legends of Wrestling is currently scheduled for release in April. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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