Acclaim Sets E3 Lineup

Acclaim unveils its E3 lineup and a new sports label, to be introduced by two special guests.


With E3 closing in, today Acclaim announced what it will be showing at the electronic entertainment industry's show of shows.

Kicking it off will be Acclaim's new sports label, Acclaim Sports. The two titles that will be introduced under the new label are NHL Breakaway '98 and NFL Quarterback Club '98 (both for N64 and PlayStation). To celebrate, Acclaim is bringing along two-time NFL MVP Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers and '96-'97 NHL goal-scoring leader Keith Tkachuk of the Phoenix Coyotes. Both will be present at the Acclaim booth greeting fans and signing autographs on Friday.

Acclaim's E3 lineup includes:

Constructor - a twisted and outrageous real-time simulation game for DOS and Windows 95.

Forsaken - a 3-D first person vehicle shooter with 360-degree action and over a dozen levels for the PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64.

NFL Quarterback Club '98 - the latest in Acclaim's Quarterback Club series, also appearing for the PlayStation and N64.

NHL Breakaway Hockey '98 - The PlayStation, Saturn, Nintendo 64, and PC will all be seeing Acclaim's latest sports entry by the end of the year.

Extreme G - Nintendo 64 gamers will get their first glimpse of this game at the show, which can best be described as WipEout on a cartridge.

Batman & Robin - PlayStation owners get this 3-D action title. Combining puzzle solving and fighting elements, players take the role of Batman, Robin, or Batgirl to rid Gotham of evil.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter - PC gamers will get a direct translation of the Nintendo 64 hit this fall. All the action is there, with textures specifically created for the PC with 3-D accleration.

Magic: The Gathering: BattleMage - PlayStation owners get their taste of Magic: The Gathering action, combining the fantasy, strategy, and spells from the popular card game and bringing it to console systems.

Bust-A-Move 2 - Taito's addictive puzzle game comes to the PC with mind-numbing puzzles and two-player action.

Fantastic Four - The Marvel heroes come to the PlayStation in a "multiperspective beat-em-up in a true 3-D world." Players play as any of the Fantastic Four in five challenging levels and over 22 different sections.

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