Acclaim Has NetSpine

The company reveals its technology and strategy for cross-platform network gaming.


Vanishing Point

Acclaim has revealed that it plans to provide cross-platform network functionality for its upcoming games by utilizing its new NetSpine technology. Developed by Acclaim's Online Engineering Group, the NetSpine technology will serve as the foundation of all of Acclaim's upcoming Internet-compatible products. It will allow players on next-generation consoles, PCs, and interactive TV devices to compete and communicate simultaneously over a network. The first game to utilize Acclaim's NetSpine technology is the upcoming Dreamcast game Vanishing Point.

"Acclaim is extremely pleased to announce the NetSpine brand technology," commented Ben Fischbach, director of Acclaim Online. "It positions Acclaim for success in the transition from offline to online gaming. NetSpine will allow Acclaim to create feature-rich cross-platform online components for the video gaming consoles of today and tomorrow."

NetSpine provides a complete suite of development tools to Acclaim's development partners, including the ability to incorporate such functions as head-to-head gameplay across multiple platforms, universal registration, and leader boards.

Although Vanishing Point will not feature direct online racing, players can download race data posted online by other VP players and can compete offline against those times.

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