Acclaim Hands-on: QB Club 2000

Part four of our Acclaim coverage tackles the Nintendo 64 version of Acclaim's football game - Quaterback Club 2000.


Acclaim dropped by our offices today to give us a chance to play a few of its latest titles in development. We've split our coverage into sections for each game so as to cut down on confusion and offer you way more screenshots. Part four centers on Quarterback Club 2000.

Quarterback Club 2000 for the Nintendo 64 is a new and improved version of last year's game. The game sports the standard fare of modes and features that you'd expect, but it does have a couple you might not, such as historical teams and games. One feature the game allows players to turn the detail of the graphics down to allow for a smoother, faster frame rate or up for more detailed players. Even with the graphics turned down to medium, though, the game still looks better than other N64 football games.

A new pinpoint passing feature has been added to allow you the ability of under throwing, over throwing, or leading a receiver with a pass. NFL Quarterback Club 2000 is currently slated for release this August.

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