Acclaim Hands-on: Armorines

Part three of our Acclaim coverage, we play with the latest build of Armorines for the Nintendo 64.


Acclaim dropped by our offices today to give us a chance to play a few of its latest titles in development. We've split our coverage into sections for each game so as to cut down on confusion and offer you way more screenshots. Part three centers on Armorines for the Nintendo 64

Armorines makes use of the basically the same engine was used in Turok 2, although there are some hints of elements from Forsaken as well. For instance, in some areas the game isn't a first person shooter at all - instead and becomes a rail shooter. You ride in a ship that goes along a predetermined path and simply shoot alien bugs as you pass by. We got a chance to skip around some of the levels in the game, and the most impressive parts were definitely the boss scenes – some of the bosses are really impressive.

Armorines will feature 1-2 player co-op play and deathmatch. The game is currently slated for a November release.

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