Acclaim delivers dates, platform breakdown

The NY-based publisher releases a breakdown of its upcoming releases.


Acclaim has released information regarding its financial status and its upcoming release plans. Here's a look at what Acclaim plans to release this year and when.

Aggressive Inline (GC , Xbox ) - 08/01/02
Aggressive Inline (GBA) - 08/29/02
Turok: Evolution (PS2 , GC , Xbox , GBA) - 09/01/02
Vexx (PS2 , GC , Xbox ) - 10/22/02
Burnout 2: Point of Impact (PS2 ) - 11/12/02
Legends of Wrestling 2 (PS2 , GC , Xbox , GBA) - 11/12/02
Dave Mirra BMX XXX (PS2 , GC , Xbox ) - 11/26/02
Mary-Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 (PS2, GC, GBA) - 11/29/02

All told, Acclaim plans to release 56 products in its 2003 fiscal year, which breaks down to 18 for the Xbox, 17 for the PS2, 14 for the GameCube, and seven for the GBA. Acclaim also provided a breakdown for its 2004 fiscal year. In 2004, Acclaim plans to release 62 products, including 20 for the PS2, 17 for the GameCube, 16 for Xbox, six for the GBA, and three for the PC.

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