Acclaim announces enhanced Dave Mirra game

Acclaim Entertainment has announced an enhanced version of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX for the PlayStation.


Acclaim Entertainment has announced the development of an enhanced version of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX for the Sony PlayStation. The game is titled Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix, and it includes such enhancements as eight new tracks, a new expert mode that lets players test their skill level, extra stats categories, and new tricks such as the "wall ride." Additionally, new songs have been added to the game's alternative and hip-hop soundtrack.

"This builds on the incredible success of the first Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX game," said Steve Felsen, brand director of Acclaim Max Sports. "Over a half million gamers bought the original, and we now offer eight additional levels, brand-new objectives, and a special expert mode to challenge even the most accomplished gamer."

Like the original version, the game is being developed by Z-Axis. It will be released in May.

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