ABC prepping <i>Lost</i> Web game

Interactive Web game will feature a parallel storyline not seen on the hit series.


ABC has announced plans to launch a massive interactive game based on its hit series Lost. The network says The Lost Experience will be the largest interactive game ever based on a TV show.

The Lost Experience will feature a storyline different from that of the show. Users will have to watch the show to collect phone numbers and other information to use in the game. The game itself will feature new characters and background on the Hanso Foundation, the mysterious group behind the Dharma Initiative.

"The game reaches back into Lost history and looks forward to future episodes," said Mike Benson, senior vice president of marketing for ABC Entertainment. "It's like a giant, worldwide, mysterious jigsaw puzzle that will come to life for all the world to solve."

ABC hopes the game appeals to "Losties" and nonfans alike. "We wanted to make it so that if you watched Lost from the beginning or if you've never watched the show before you can get into this," Benson added.

The network is teaming up with 19 other media outlets to bring the Experience to continents the world over. Each part of the world will receive different clues. The first clue will air in an episode of Lost scheduled for May 3.

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