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Abandoned Xbox One TV DVR Feature Not Ruled out for the Future

"Those are always tough decisions."


Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that it was, at least temporarily, cancelling its plans to introduce TV DVR functionality on Xbox One. Officially, Microsoft said the feature was "on hold." Now, Xbox general manager Dave McCarthy has shared some further insight into why Microsoft did away with the feature and teased that it could return someday.

"Those are always tough decisions," McCarthy told GameSpot about putting Xbox One TV DVR on hold. "You kind of have to prioritize where you're focusing your time."

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McCarthy pointed out that Xbox One already has "a lot" of media support, including streaming services like Netflix and video-on-demand options. Additionally, the Xbox One supports over-the-air TV (with an adapter sold separately).

Currently, the Xbox One allows users to watch live TV, but the system itself does not support recording functionality. Instead, that process is handled by your existing cable box.

During Gamescom last year, Microsoft announced that the free TV DVR functionality would launch in 2016. It was planned to work with the Xbox App SmartGlass app to allow users to schedule recordings on the go. It was also going to support Windows 10, allowing you to watch your recordings on a PC or any other connected device.

TV DVR could eventually come to Xbox One, McCarthy teased. People who want this feature should let Microsoft know by voting for the idea on the Xbox Feedback site.

"We listen," he said. "We look at that User Feedback site on a regular basis and try and respond to what people want the most. I wouldn't rule it out entirely, over time."

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