A2M readying Crash Course

Australian ratings board grants Naughty Bear developer G stamp for as-yet-unannounced title; Assault Heroes creator Wanako Studios possibly behind wheel.


Artificial Mind and Movement hasn't shied away from the M-for-Mature rating with two of its most recent projects, as Wet focused on a busty vixen tramping around in skin-tight leather, and Naughty Bear propagated wanton violence…as an adorably maniacal teddy bear. However, it appears as if the Quebecois developer will be taking a different tack with its next project, if a listing in Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification's online database is to be believed.

Assault Heroes 2 developer Wanako Studios appears to be behind Crash Course.
Assault Heroes 2 developer Wanako Studios appears to be behind Crash Course.

This week, the Australian ratings board attached A2M's name to a listing for the as-yet-unannounced Crash Course. Listed for multiple platforms, the game bears a G rating, one that would be equivalent to the Entertainment Software Rating Board's E-for-Everyone label.

Beyond the game's rating and title, little information is available to determine the nature of Crash Course. However, one possible morsel exists in the listing's country of origin, Chile. In 2008, A2M purchased Santiago, Chile-based Wanako Studios, which was among the casualties of that year's Activision Blizzard merger.

Perhaps best known for its downloadable top-down shooter Assault Heroes and its 2008 sequel, Wanako Studios' most recent project was Revenge of the Wounded Dragons. The PlayStation Network-exclusive beat-'em-up scored a positive critical reception upon its release in December 2009.

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