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A Whopping $20 Million Is Up for Grabs in Dota 2's The International This Week

Four teams will win in excess of $1 million each.


Dota 2's big annual championship event, The International, begins today and is offering its biggest prize pool ever.

More than $20 million is available for the 16 competing teams. As in past years with the Dota 2 Compendium, 25 percent of the money generated by sales of the 2016 Battle Pass go toward the prize purse. That means over $80 million was generated by the Battle Pass, which grants owners a variety of in-game items, quests, and other rewards.

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This is a step up from last year's record-breaking mark of $18.4 million, and a far cry from prior years, when the total prize pool was as little as $1 million in 2011. As broken down on the Dota 2 website, the first place winners will win more than $8.8 million. The following three teams will all win in excess of $1 million each, with even the No. 16 team earning $100,000.

For comparison, the total prize pool for the 2016 Halo World Championship was $2.5 million, while Heroes of the Storm's 2015 equivalent was just $1.2 million.

The 16 Dota 2 teams will compete this week for a chance to play in the final championship match on Saturday, August 13. You can watch all of the action in-game or live on the Dota 2 website. Additionally, those with a VR headset can watch through the new Dota VR Theater. The first matches are already underway.

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