A Way Out Sells 1 Million Copies

Publisher Electronic Arts reportedly gets $0 from sales.


A Way Out, the new game from the outspoken creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is selling well. The prison escape co-op game has sold more than 1 million copies, developer Hazelight announced recently. Josef Fares, the game's creative director, responded to the news with his usual amount of enthusiasm, exclaiming, "HOLY SHIT."

Fares pointed out that A Way Out has in fact reached 2 million players because the game requires you to play with another human. To play, only one person needs to have purchased the game, with the other getting a free copy. Before launch, Fares discussed how this works, and you can watch his cheeky video about it embedded below.

A Way Out is published by gaming giant Electronic Arts. According to Fares, his studio, Hazelight, gets 100 percent of the proceeds from the game; EA doesn't get a penny.

Fares is already working on his next game. He is very excited about it, but since it's so early, we don't know much at all in the way of specifics about it.

GameSpot's review of A Way Out scored the game a 6/10. Reviewer Oscar Dayus praised the game's set pieces, diverse environments, and puzzles that make use of co-op, while lamenting the game's QTEs and varying tone.

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