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A Sequel To Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City Is In Production - Report

Despite middling reviews, a sequel to the latest attempt at a new Resident Evil movie franchise might be going ahead.


The 2021 reboot of the Resident Evil movie franchise might be getting a sequel, with a report suggesting that some funding for the project has just been allocated.

A report by, a new outlet for the region of Sudbury, Canada, states that an $11 million cash injection has been secured by the local government for 20 projects in the area. The report, first picked up by PCGamesN, goes on to state that one of those projects is named "Umbrella Chronicles," which is being developed by film company Raccoon HG Film Productions, the same company behind Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

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Given that the Sudbury area is also where the movie was filmed, it seems plausible that all this evidence is pointing towards production on its sequel starting sometime soon. While it has yet to be officially announced, the rumored title of "Umbrella Chronicles" could suggest the film pulling source material from the spin-off game of the same name. Although given that Welcome to Raccoon City smashed together the stories of both Resident Evil 1 and 2, anything is possible for the direction of a follow-up.

Despite a weak critical reception, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City earned a total of $42 million at the box office, off a modest $25 million production budget. In GameSpot's 6/10 review, we wrote, "There's a great Resident Evil adaptation here, if only the movie were willing to really go for it. Instead, it's more concerned with making sure the costumes and sets are on-point, rather than the story."

If you've been disappointed by the state of Resident Evil films, you can take solace in the most recent games being much better. Both Resident Evil Village and the most recent release, a remake of Resident Evil 4, have been critically and commercially successful, with publisher Capcom presumably aiming to continue with more entries soon.

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