A Second Nintendo Switch Video Event Is Coming January 13

The video event will contain footage of "upcoming games."

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The January 12 Nintendo Switch news event will be followed up hours later with another video briefing dedicated to the console and some of its games.

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Nintendo confirmed today that it will hold a Treehouse Live event on the morning of Friday, January 13. The event begins at 6:30 AM PT / 9:30 AM ET. According to Nintendo's official wording, the event will cover an "in-depth look at upcoming games" from the previous night's presentation. You will be able to watch the show live on YouTube or Twitch.

As for the January 12 Nintendo Switch event, it begins at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET. Nintendo will reveal the console's price and launch lineup during the show, while we may also learn the system's release date. GameSpot will bring you all the news as it's announced.

Earlier today, a report claimed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will launch in March alongside the Nintendo Switch; previously, it was rumored that the game might come sometime later. The highly anticipated RPG is also in development for the Wii U.

Some of the confirmed Nintendo Switch games so far included Breath of the Wild, Just Dance 2017, Dragon Quest XI, and an unannounced Sonic game.

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Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

The thing better come with some sort of Otterbox. No way in hell am I gonna take a $300 little gaming thing somewhere only to accidently drop it or have it slide off a table and break. Plus, what's the fascination with this? Is it just because of the mobility trait that has people so excited?

Avatar image for leeko_link

Yes thank you Nintendo for bringing in some good news on the unluckiest day of the month.

Avatar image for danielilett

One of the things I love most about Nintendo is that they always dedicate a lot of time to Treehouse streams of their upcoming games. I think it's a great move to dedicate time to seeing the games in action, as I'm sure people will want to see what the Switch is capable of and what the games are like after the main reveal event. People will definitely have Switch on their minds that day.

You can be damn sure I'll be sat there like a sponge on the 13th, taking in as much Switch info as my brain will let me.

Avatar image for deactivated-587b76d9129c1

@danielilett: I know only one of the games they will show Beyond good and evil 2

Avatar image for Tiwill44

Nice, they're keeping the Treehouse stream separate from the main event. This is smart, because plugging a livestream right after would have caused a clash of production values. Giving people a day to talk about what was announced in the main event and then returning with a more 'optional' stream for people who want more details is a very good move.

Avatar image for darksouls

Lol, can't wait.

Avatar image for adrdeju

Absolutely cannot wait for this to come out. I'll be camping in front of the store to make sure I get my hands on one.

Avatar image for TJDMHEM

this is going to be great!

Avatar image for adsparky

I really hate treehouse, the people in there are boring as hell; they are supposed to hype you about the games but they do the opposite.

Avatar image for fanboyman

No time for that, I'll be trying to pre-order on Friday the 13th, LOL hope I'm lucky!

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

Whatever, just wake me up when it's actually here. I'm not going to sit here frothing at the mouth in the meantime.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@computernoises: Haha I guess it goes against my comment! But I'm actually frothing at the mouth for more Bloodborne content....

Avatar image for Blk_Mage_Ctype

Regardless of the outcome, one thing will remain the same, haters will loudly and persistently proclaim Nintendo's impending doom.

Nintendo: doomed since 1990.

Avatar image for iandizion713

My preorder finger is ready.

Avatar image for darksouls

@iandizion713: Cancer

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

A list of confirmed games for the system is something that Nintendo desperately needs for the Switch.

More specifically: it needs to be games that are future releases, not ports of games that most people have already owned and played on other platforms already.

Portability + the ability to play all of the same upcoming release games that the PS4/XB1 are getting? That's a good (and unique) value pitch.

Portability + ability to play 5 year old games that most people who wanted to play have already done so? That's a more dubious pitch.

I remember that first trailer with the guys playing live basketball suddenly stopping to play NBA 2K and scratching my head in confusion. Sorry...but people who are playing real basketball with friends aren't going to play video games together on a tiny, cramped screen with tiny controllers lacking in buttons during water breaks.

Avatar image for Fia1

@BeefoTheBold: portability and the ability to play newer games the ps4 and xboners are getting is out of the window, you can't have a portable device that has good battery life a good price to be a handheld and also play those games, if anything the switch could have a couple of those but it will ultimately be the most stripped weaker version out of ps4 and xboner, i wonder if you could actually burn your hands while playing let's say RDR 2 on a switch, not that it will ever happen but just saying as an example...

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@Fia1: I will take a weaker version if it allows me portability. simply because I will have the full version on my PS4 and or XB1.

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@BeefoTheBold: They also need some adult games or to put it another way, games that would have mature content that would appeal to adults. A GTA game or Red Dead Read Redemption (hopefully the next Red Dead will be on it.). and it needs a shooter or two.

Avatar image for maskthestars

@spartanx169x: I was just telling someone if this has GTA 5 on it, I get it just so I can play GTA at work when I get here an hour early every day.

Avatar image for silversix_

One trainwreck is good but two is better :)

Can't wait!

Avatar image for doctor_mg


Do you like any video games systems, or do you just troll them all?

Avatar image for silversix_

@doctor_mg: lol predicting of what will happen during the event(s) is trolling? have a look at the latest Nintendo events, its all be face palming atrocious. The masochist in me wants to see more and that's why i'm genuinely excited for the event.

Avatar image for doctor_mg


The Nintendo Switch reveal wasn't a trainwreck, neither was the game play footage on The Tonight Show.

Yes, it seems like you are trying to troll. Aside from one E3 event and the weird cat cosplay for Super Mario 3D World Nintendo events haven't been atrocious. Not in my opinion at least...

Avatar image for silversix_

@doctor_mg: well, if the cat cosplay is what you consider acceptable, you sure will enjoy these two events no matter what. bet you enjoyed the 2008 Nintendo e3 press conference.

Avatar image for doctor_mg


I literally said that the cat cosplay was "weird".

And the 2008 Nintendo E3 press conference was exactly what I was referring to when I said "aside from one E3 event".

I mean, I thought I wrote pretty clearly. Did I lose you somewhere?

Avatar image for fig56

@doctor_mg: @silversix_: Silversix_ is the biggest TROLL on this website. The fact that he's gonna watch a stream for a system he doesn't care for at all just to come back here and grief people is proof enough. The lack of any self-esteem must really get to him.

Avatar image for silversix_

@fig56: Someone has to do the dirty work and point out the flaws of a system or a game. Otherwise, all you'd see is fanboys praising a possible turd. But grief? Really? I'm not the one quoting some1 to be negative about it. I left my opinion, you don't like it, don't read. Simple enough?

Avatar image for deactivated-5886a9985ffd0

@silversix_: Your profile picture says it all.

Avatar image for silversix_

@camlambelot: But i like him. He is manly and has a great voice. You're just jealous because he looks better than you

Avatar image for Iconoclysm

@silversix_: I don't think anyone's jealous, maybe envious? Regardless, he's an overrated hack of a musician.

Avatar image for snugglebear

I'm thinking preorders are going to happen starting the 12th. I'm gonna be glued to these events.

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

Jan 12th needs to hurry up and get here.